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One word of Good how interpret?
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One word of Good, should be in English the the most familiar, most commonly used. Its tie-in capability is very strong, and common also in article of science and technology. See Good, we can think of naturally " good " this one acceptation. However, in a few circumstances, The interpret law of Good is to expend hesitant quite however.

1, but interpret is " good " , but the concept is vague: Be like Good Fish (good fish) , it is to point to breed, where is size or new rate?

2, loath but interpret is " good " , but not tie-in: If Good Fire is like interpret to be " very good ingle " it is understandable, but it is as interpret " exuberant ingle " .

3, interpret becomes " good " wrong instead: If Good Hard Work is not to point to " good but formidable however job " , point to however " a very formidable job " .

Why is so average term unmanageable however when the interpreter? Its reason has 2:

1, know only firstly, do not know secondly, 3

Some words have justice, some words have two or two above justice. One word of Good, in " dictionary of double solution of contemporary and advanced English-Chinese " in have 18 paraphrase, if cannot master these in the round justice, difficulty can be encountered when the interpreter.

2, not good at draw inferences about other cases from one instance, comprehend by analogy

From the point of the development of the language, a word always can have the most primitive or the basiccest acceptation (be called original meaning) , and other the meaning of a word are come by this word development or extend the meaning (be called justice of extend the meaning) . Extend the meaning, namely by former justice generation is new justice. Choice acceptation is in this hard hard " new " on the word. It is English word itself already had justice of extend the meaning. This is about to consult a dictionary frequently, go choosing the rightest the meaning of a word from inside a lot of acceptation. 2 it is all acceptation in the dictionary not apt, the need that wants basis Chinese interpret goes creating new justice, and new justice must close with original meaning photograph again couplet. Like Good one word already had justice of extend the meaning in English " Strong, vigorous (able-bodied, strong) " . Accordingly, his Eyesight Is Still Good. One answers interpret is " his vision is very powerful still. " (Good by " good " extend the meaning is " strong " ) . And in the illustrative sentence below, good but extend the meaning is " of height " . To Produce Strong X-rays The Tube Had To Be Made A Very Good Vacuum. Pipe should produce strong ray, with respect to the vacuum that must make height. And " of height " this one acceptation, be in " dictionary of double solution of contemporary and advanced English-Chinese " , " big dictionary of far east English-Chinese " do not have in the Chinese paraphrase that wait, can be what achieve newly consequently. Now, let us with " dictionary of double solution of contemporary and advanced English-Chinese " to occupy, a few when list one word of Good justice will observe it is when Chinese interpret is how extend the meaning and again of extend the meaning. To save length, the article discusses what use as the adjective only and commonly used a few in article of science and technology justice interpret law, do not involve the interpret method that is used at the life, spoken language and literature, also do not involve the use of the word that is used at sending one's respects to language, polite appellation, praise and phrase and compound. To go to the lavatory, the article cites no longer the paraphrase of its English and the Chinese interpret that uses its correspondence justice, each acceptation lifts only.
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