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The vocabulary in interpret of English-Chinese each other is vacant phenomenon
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What is a vocabulary a kind of language can use vacant appearance the thing that single term labels clearly, another kind of language should go around in circles possibly however ability expression. It is for instance in daily life, the historical fact of the " of " floodgate incident that if we do not know Nixon of president of the United States at the beginning of seventies,makes, we have no way understands Watergate, use be used in a general sense now the scandal of " of incident of similar " floodgate. Look Watergate by refer in particular to " of " floodgate incident to scandal of generally refer to this one phenomenon is English place peculiar, existing in Chinese vacant.

If translator does not understand a vocabulary vacant phenomenon, will naturally give it is difficult to cross culture intercourse belt to make a round trip, give an interpret to create an obstacle. For this, the matter that studies about the vocabulary vacant phenomenon arises is very necessary.

The vocabulary is vacant the account that the phenomenon produces

1.The difference of surroundings, experience of life caused a vocabulary vacant.

We know, language often the report of objective world, it is phenomenon of a kind of society. People lives in what kind of environment, can produce what kind of language with respect to " . If some thing is in the external environment that people place lives nonexistent, so the language appears possibly empty gorge.

For instance: Salad dish of this kind of cold and dressed with sause results from France, the Englishman does not have this dish first most, language call the turn is nonexistent also this is the same as, because this is forced to transplant from the intact " in French," comes over, chinese also is such.

Be in our country, having a meal is the problem that people cares particularly since the issue is long-term, became the topic that people often discusses consequently. When people sees, total love says: "Had eaten? "Be in usually, talking person did not care obedient person to eat a meal very, just hit an accost to stop. But had if ask about " to the Englishman,eaten? "He above all reaction is " how, can have not you eaten you please? "Produce allergy possibly still to inquiry person sometimes, "How do, meet to ask I eat, set eat to your what issue involve again? "As a result of the difference on this kind of culture, appeared in Chinese a lot of have a meal around " the term that " problem place builds and expressive law, the finds correspondence very hard expression way in Dan Zaiying language.

For instance we say " of " lead an idle life (Lead An Idle Lefe) , "Be very popular " (Be Very Popular) , "" of be unable to stand (More Than One Can Stand, too Much) etc, interpret becomes English cannot word word is corresponding.

Alleged surroundings and problem of experience of life, still involve the person in specific language culture or thing. In language of avery kind of, have the expressive way closely related many figures that use this language together only.
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