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"Ability of interpret free translation " the interpreter of type
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Ad slogan (statement of Slogans) , advertisement (Catch Phrases) is a kind of very special language. They have a few common characteristics normally, if fascinating, conviction is strong on the language, of rhetorical method apply also having a unique style, wait like having a double meaning, paronomasia, make the person feels to wisdom sees in humour, insipid in show novelty. Advertisement language also has bright distinguishing feature extremely in formally, or style or manner of writing carefully and nearly, a matching of both sound and sense in two lines rhymes, or rhythm feeling able to read aloud fluently of strong, the sound of reading aloud, or amaze the people with a single brilliant feat, find everything new and fresh, can receive afford for thought, the effect that prolonged does not overlook. The characteristic of advertisement language is OK reduce is the following 4 respects, namely appeal (Attractive, Catch The Reader ' S Attention) , creativity (Creative, Project An Image) , conviction (Persuasive, Urge The Reader To Act) and consequence (Impressive, Produce An Impact) . Advertisement establishs respective distinctive image through design and language, with do sth unconventional or unorthodox, the gimmick of develop a school of one's own will reflect characteristic of its individual character, of its gimmick use the imagination that exceeds an ordinary person already besides, it is in the ordinary person's reason, a good ad plan Wen Bingmao, work along both lines, the picture that changes with the feeling that has specific aim and language will attract support of the people to move person. .

When translating English advertisement written language, no matter be Ying Yihan or Han Yiying, cannot satisfy at literal interpreter absolutely, do " exterior article " . Must want to make the language is translated already accurate pure, want especially textual medium " unspoken words in a play left to the understanding of the audience or reader " (Message) or implication are communicated come out. In addition, use commonly used a few skill and method even, the individual character advertisement term (Personality) expression comes out. Such ability make translation accomplishs express the idea, lifelike and watch form as far as possible, receive meaning be like, alike in spirit with be similar in shape 3 unified effects. So, interpreter advertisement character should translate his not only explicit the meaning with connotation, and translate among them gimmick and skill even. This is " ability of interpret free translation " the interpreter of type.

And want to accomplish express the idea, lifelike and watch form, receive meaning be like, alike in spirit with be similar in shape 3 unified effects, that must establish decorous working manner and style. Want to create essential premise condition above all, that exercises sound language basic training namely, the thinking mode that extensive dabble widens intellectual face, education innovates and the capacity that increase research and writing. Should regard the interpreter's process as the process that consider and invents, throw much painstaking effort and labor, consider repeatedly, number is easy its stalk of grain, accomplish be able to achieve success one way or another, thoroughly tempered. Only such, ability is in digest the spirit with textual meaning, textual have a thorough grasp and the foundation that master textual characteristic adequately to go up, the interpreter gives the advertisement language that has appreciation value and market beneficial result to come.
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