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"" of day of cloth Lu Mu and Zhanmusi
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On June 16, the Zhanmusi Joyce of world each district is confused celebrating " of day of Mu of " cloth Lu with all sorts of means again. Bloomer is a dummy nobody, however Yinqiaoyisi's master " Youlixisi " and immortal.
Bloomer's author the writer that Zhanmusi Joyce is turned to be 20 centuries to have force most, " Youlixisi " criterion the 20 centuries the tuber of stemona that Rong Denglan ascends bookstore organization to choose is optimal the head of a list of names posted up of English novel. In the work of this nearly 1000 pages, joyce wrote Mu of nobody cloth Lu to arrived at 8 o'clock in the morning on June 16, 1904 in night the life 2 o'clock. Be decided to be " of day of Mu of " cloth Lu this day later.
At the moment, joyce is among Chinese bosom friend, have an amiable old lady, reviewing an interpreter " Youlixisi " predestined relationship, more missing late husband- - master home Xiao Qian. If,this old lady is interpreter home Wen Jie, ten years ago, if Wen Jie adds up to interpret with Xiao Qian " Youlixisi " , this is they two consider as old age the most significant major issue oneself. October 1994, two people add up to interpret " Youlixisi " publish formally, yi Si of tall of a " is lifted to heat up " in home, about read and discussing of Joyce, will ten years had not been interrupted.
"80 decline old man, be like interpret the suicide of this book as good as at having sth new. Be like interpret the suicide of this book as good as at having sth new..
In the memory that is like in Wen Jie, their couple and the indissoluble reason that the knot leaves Joyce, had exceeded half century. 1939, xiao Qian is gone to on invitation flower, in London university east the institute teachs, those who buy German hamburger to publish " Youlixisi " 2 this. On June 3, 1940, xiao Qian gave the Hu Kuo that holds the position of China to be stationed in beautiful ambassador in the United States to send a letter from Cambridge, put forward " this novel if interpret gives someone, to our country creation skill certainly will has big effect, cherish is not one easily the job. "At that time, if Wen Jie is made the same score in north east work energetically of 3 holy heart school assiduously studies sheet English. They two daydream also did not think of, the meeting after half many century starts work add up to interpret this book.
A day of August 1990, li Jingduan of president of interpret forest press comes to Home Xiao Qian, cordial ground asks two people to add up to interpret " Youlixisi " . Xiao Qian says:" Piece so big and cramped book is met be out of pocket. "Li Jingduan answers:" As long as it is good book, do not care about be out of pocket. "A word, moved two old people. Before this, li Jingduan is group interpret " Youlixisi " , all over domestic English bound please almost top-ranking scholar, all meet with excuse oneself from, be good at play weighs Xie Jun:" China is only rich Zhong Shuneng interpret " Youlixisi " , because the Chinese character is used not quite, money can create a Chinese character by the side of edge interpret. "Qian Zhongshu is in " Guan Zhui is made up " copy (the 394th page) in, with " Youlixisi " the expressions of the 15th chapter will explain " history write down " medium word, opened a beginning. Li Jingduan still is consulted to money gentleman really, money laugh answers:" 80 decline old man, be like interpret the suicide of this book as good as at having sth new. "Interpreter " Youlixisi " heavy burden, the " that falls in bigger than Qian Zhongshu a few months eventually 80 decline old man if " Xiao Qian and the Wen Jie that just retire go up personally.
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