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Culture interpreter and culture " are faxed "
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Culture interpreter is to show the old saying situation that studies in culture comes down to inspect an interpreter, be opposite namely the general character of the " of " surface layer of the culture between each nation and language and structure of " deep-seated " and individual character undertake study, discuss the immanent connection of culture and interpreter and objective law.

1. Culture interpreter and culture " fax "

Culture " faxes " to mean the basic principle that culture translates here. It asks interpret language wants from culture justice the meaning that well and truly emersion primitive place should transmit angle, means and style. Change character, " of god of the " form " that is a primitive, " is in interpret language Central Plains plan system of raw ingredient land comes out now. The research of " of fax of " of this shows culture is the crucial part in the interpreter. Interpreter so not easy, because the language reflects culture,be, bearing the weight of rich and generous culture connotation, suffer culture restrict. Once the language enters intercourse, put in the understanding to culture connotation and expressive problem. This is about to beg translator not only should have bilingual capacity, and the knowledge that still has double culture and even much culture, want the ethical psychology consciousness to two kinds of languages, culture to form process, history especially a series of each other such as culture of consuetudinary tradition, religion and district scene character change the element all has certain knowledge. Be above these each other change element, the language culture style of English-Chinese nation reveals respective and peculiar nation colour. For instance " red Lou Meng " in have so " of a word... unexpectedly the grandson daughter of unlike ancestor, it is own granddaughter unexpectedly like. "Think commonly, of own Sun Er, granddaughter consanguineous on should have kissed grandson, granddaughter. Wang Xifeng this word is to show Lin Daiyu is temperamental and uncommon undoubtedly, resemble merchant the mother's granddaughter is same, borrow this to be denounced merchant the mother's favor. If become this word interpret "She Doesn't Take After Your Side Of The Family, grannie. She's More Like A Jia. She's More Like A Jia.. Banner of owlet of inclined sprain of shelfing  Wen changes adze curb  to imprint Xi of Xi of  of celestial bodies of  of a child's hanging hair of difficult the She nationality of car of  of  of discharge of Z bright saute makes Jia?She Doesn't Take After Her Father smooth with a rake, son-in-law Of Our Old Ancestress, but Looks More Like A Jia. But Looks More Like A Jia.. Gallopping dainty of  of Mu of サ of Yi of  of Tun of location of hut of  of discharge of  of bluff of litter of instrument of  of manganese of mace of Xue of Jue of  of hut of difficult Yun of astounded of technetium of dog of neon of Jia of blown away by wind thing gate of a lane ton? of to fold of beautiful jade of large of  of curium of  of ancient wine vessel of archives of short for the Yihe River
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