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The European Union conducts exam result together
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Came 16 days on November 15, the European Union of 2000 year passes an exam to undertake in my ministry together. As the examinee of a to take an examination, I to the European Union pass an exam to also have a few results quite together, wish to be shared with everybody.

Of the European Union pass an exam to be held every year in China together, by a definite date plays toward Brussels before 15 candidate for an entrance examination that pass an exam will be approved at was being divided second year of 5 months groom. The exam is very rigorous choose course undoubtedly. But, this takes an exam and not overemphasized examinee shows some to translate a level. Comparatively, the language quality of examinee and the latent capacity that increase further more suffer take an examination of an official to take seriously. The group that take an examination of an official by in just mix foreign the composition that take an examination of an official. The exam this year, the European Union expedited 4 to take an examination of an official, there just are 3 to take an examination of an official in. Examinee enters examination room group by group. It is four-handed commonly. Can say so, the number that verifies an official exceeded every groups examinee number even. 7 when face one word to be discharged take an examination of an official, the psychological quality of examinee is crucial undoubtedly. Keep one's hair on, loosen state of mind, it is the precondition that passes an exam smoothly.

Say strictly, the exam can be divided for 4 parts. It is opening remarks, namely the self introduction of examinee. 2 it is Ying Yihan, namely official of European Union take an examination ofing is done one 3 - speech of 5 minutes, examinee becomes its interpret Chinese. 3 it is Han Yiying, program and 2 similar. 4 it is free interlocution, take an examination of an official to raise a question namely, reply by examinee freedom.

In opening remarks, the self introduction of examinee should accomplish concise and comprehensive. Brief introduction should include school of full name, graduate, show working section, main responsibility and the end that play to pass an exam together. If can be accomplished in 9 short minutes,introduce oneself with humorous, easy way, give take an examination of an official to leave deeper impression, it is very successful begin. But, avoid by all means takes an examination of an official to deepen to oneself impression try to please the public with claptrap perhaps has made a speech to grow. Meet instead so things go contrary to one's wishes.

What Ying Yihan basically makes an on-the-spot investigation is the audition of examinee. Because look article of catchphrase call the turn is the mother tongue of Chinese examinee, want to be able to be understood only generally speaking, using Chinese to convey should not be tickler. So, in this exam, the audition level of examinee is the key of relevant training. Because take an examination of government-owned title to cover a range the likelihood is very wide, so " time is in at ordinary times " this word appears very correct. Be in at ordinary times in training, examinee should listen more all sorts of material, when including politics, economy, finance, culture, sports is artistic even kind subject matter. Have much at ordinary times practice, extensive practice only, ability assures to be when the exam, no matter encounter the problem that slants more, can answer leisurely.
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