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Interpreter and dictionary
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One word of English Dictionary results from Latin Dictionorium, meaning for " manual " . Lu Xun gentleman is in interpret " dead soul " when Ceng Yougou logion: The dictionary does not leave a hand, cold sweat does not leave a body. The dictionary is the good teacher and helpful friend of our pursue one's studies not only, be our interpreter more desk advisory. In scan interpret center a variety of by accident interpret, bluff interpret and clumsy interpret, they often with the dictionary apply there's no one who doesn't or isn't relevant. Attack by surprise coils and think of, be about to translate with the dictionary between a certain number of delicate and adj relation publishs following comment.

One, dictionary- - cannot not lean

A interpret bound Yi hear: A famous learned man of our country talks about interpreter and " in miscellaneous a case cited in the implied meaning that learns " : ... Going Vegetarian And Repeating'Om Manipadme Hum'a Hundred Times Between Each Bite Of Lettuce, he thinks a medium On Mani
Padme Hum is equivalent to " aid is official pass " medium " covers rub " of Er moo, say or state with certainty dictionary of this phrase " cannot help " . After the article is published, beijing University somebody writes to him to point out: Ommani Padme Hum sees imprint at business affairs of book house " integrated and English-Chinese big dictionary " the 858th page, have Chinese interpret, still have English paraphrase, not be the good example of the those thing " that " dictionary cannot help so. This scholar namely reply (late watch) : I am obliged to admit the neglect that is me, did not consult a dictionary more first and assume this is general won't collect in the dictionary... (" the interpreter is reported " ) .

Story of interpret bound deductive often whacking is similar. After 38 years, somebody is in " China is translated " (P. Write on 38) : Textile Finishes Have In General Become A "no-no" In Today's Market Place... (sentence medium) do not check at all on No-no dictionary, the result interpret of classics deliberate is " of " unmanned make inquires to suit relatively. Actually, need not " of deliberate of excuse me " , need to open prevailing only " Ying Hua big dictionary " (P. 939) , be No-no interpret " not to have terrestrial ferry " with respect to meeting discovery is " of relatively improper " . Writing awesomely on the dictionary: No-no N. [Beautiful mouth] no-no, prohibitions. On sentence be like but interpret: Fabric arranges an agent to already banned carry out in the market now.

Really, the dictionary cannot not lean. The word to a few be clear at a glance and phrase cannot treat sth lightly especially; Person of the even after interpret of a few translation goes out feels the have not a leg to stand on on logic, this can regard an important signal as- - need to check dictionary. Be like: Proteolytic Enzymes Penetrate And Break Down Protein, reducing The Need For MechanicalCleaning Which May Reduce Exposure To Contaminated Equipment.
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