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The expert talks about Ying Yihan skill
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1. changes Conversion of parts of words. English the sentential part that a word can act as is less, appropriative and different composition often should change parts of words constantly.

Insulin Is Used In The Treatment Of Diabetes.

This Issue Is Of Paramount Importance.

Rationing By Points Is Over And Rationing By The Purse Is In.

″ of The Application Of All Sciences To The Study Of The Sea of ″ of Oceanography Has Been Defined As. 1990. 1 

2.Choose a word to use word Diction.

He And The Others Were Led Away of  of Before Hugo Could Protest. (Protest - defend oneself)

Put A Teaspoonful Of Tea In The Pot And Then You Just Add The Boiling Water To It And Let It Stand. (Drink again just a minute)

It's A Crime You Didn't Finish School. (A matter of regret)

3. word order adjusts Inversion. The order of middle term of a sentence and clause, english-Chinese two kinds of languages often differ. If show time and location, english often first small hind big, and Chinese is first big hind small.

USA of PA 19001  of  of Philadelphia of  of His Address Is 3612 Market Street.

Don't Hesitate To Come When You Need Help.
Iron And Steel Company of  of Black And White TV

4. omits Omission.

A Bridge Or A House If You Don't Know How To Make A Design Or How To Read It of  of You Cannot Build A Ship.

It Took Him A Long Time To Reach The Bottom And To Couch Behind A Little Dwarf Palm.

5. adds word Amplification. There is measure word in English, auxiliary word, should give according to the need of context when the interpreter increase. The intransitive verb of some English must increase object meaning ability is complete.

I Could Knit When I Was Seven.

How Can Repentance And Amendment Be Expected of  of Without A Sense Of Your Fault? if

Who Owns That Large Estate of ″ of  of Adam's Son Asked His Father of  of Walking Past The Garden Of Eden? ″

Before She Ate Us Out Of House And Home of ″ of  of Replied Adam of ″ of  of ″ That's Where Your Mother And I Used To Live. ″

6. repeats Repetition.

A Middle And A Lower Part of  of Practically Every River Has An Upper. Upper reaches, middle reaches, downstream

It Must Have Three Electrons To Be Electrically Neutral of  of If An Atom Contains Three Protons.

7. interpret opposes interpret law Negation 

 Justified The Hopes Which The People Set On It of So Far of  of The Organization Has Not. (Disappoint)

And Realized He Was Not Alone In The Garage of  of Suddenly He Heard A Sound Behind Him. (Still have others)

It Is Not Uncommon For His Nurse To Propose Another Approach To His Doctor of  of If A Patient At Beth Israel Is Not Responding To Treatment. 1993. 1 
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