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The interpreter is directive: In analysing an interpreter " interpret without re
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Have in translating a mistake quite one part beyond interpret without real understanding. If translator is treated gravely seriously, a lot of can avoid. For example: White Wine is not " liquor " (liquor should belong to Spirits this kind) however " white wine " ; Short Drink is not " a few wine " and " thick alcoholic drink " , contrary Long Drink is not " a large number of wine " however " weaker wine " . The No Longer in The Old Parts Will No Longer Be Supplied is not to point to " time is not long " , point to however " old spare parts will be supplied no longer " . That ' S Not Half Bad is not to point to " that is not quite good " point to however " that is bad not at all " or " good extremely! " ; She Did Not Marry Him Because She Loved Him is not to point to " she did not marry with him, because she loves him, " point to however " because love him to just marry with him,she is not, " wait a moment so.

It is exemple Top Pressure with the Top in vocabulary of science and technology again (highest pressure) , top Speed (the oldest rate) , top Science (advanced science) , top Gear (high gear gear) in the meaning of Top, as long word or adjective, be be clear at a glance. But below the Top in compound is not had " tall, big " wait for a meaning; Topmast(topmast) with Topsail (topmast sail) , here one word of Top is not an adjective however noun (" roundtop " ) , form a special vocabulary with another noun. Additional, top Overhaul (in repair) because one word is the adjunct of Overhaul, thinking easily is " heavy repair " [actually Overhaul and Complete, the ability when Thorough and General couplet are used has all, complete, general idea, become " overhaul " ] , it is actually " preliminary overhaul " (see " Ying Hua big dictionary " ) .

This kind is interpret without real understanding, specious, the phenomenon of seemingly in harmony but actually at variance can be generalized for " assume sth as a matter of course " (say in English for Take It For Granted) , it is the big fear of translator. The account that its produce is complex and of many sided, induce as follows roughly now 6 respects, namely: One, syntactic structure understanding is undeserved; 2, acceptation understanding is undeserved; 3, devoid cultural background; 4, lack professional knowledge; 5, habitual power influence; 6, neglectful.

One, syntactic structure understanding is undeserved

Understanding of structure of translator antonym law is undeserved, if divide not clear syntactical functions and morphological features that help to determine a part of speech, relation pointing to era and sentence pattern to wait, can cause directly by accident interpret.

1.Magnetic Fields Of The Former Kind Are Geerally About A Million Times Weaker Than The Earth ' S Field, whereas Those Originating From The Traveling Signals Of Nerve Cells Are Even Weaker, some Hundred Million Times Less Than The Earth ' S Field At Their Strongest.

[Former interpret] the million that before one kind of magnetic field has earthly magnetic field only normally 1/0 the left and right sides, and the magnetic field that the signal that transmits by nerve cell produces is weaker, the strongest when a few what also have earthly magnetic field only.
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