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Business affairs English is common by accident interpret exemple analyse
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The author discovers in education of business affairs English, it is very easy to there is a few to use very frequent vocabulary in foreign trade English by by accident interpret, the reason is the same word in business affairs English has different meaning below different situation. Try the different usage of these words and meaning now add explain quite.
Exemple one: Floating
It Is Not Surprising, then, that The World Saw A Return To A Floating Exchange Rate System.
Central Banks Were No Longer Required To Support Their Own Currencies.
Floating Policy Is Of Great Importance For Export Trade; It Is, in Fact, a Convenient Method
Of Insuring Goods Where A Number Of Similar Export Transactions Are Intended, e.g. Where The
Insured Has To Supply An Overseas Importer Under An Exclusive Sales Agreement Or Maintains Sales
Representatives Or Subsidiary Companies Abroad.
Below this kind of circumstance, world each country restores floating rate again no wonder. Each country central bank also collects valence with respect to what need not manage this money.
All guarantee slip is crucial to export trade. It is a kind of easy way in goods insurance actually, special agree with a batch of of minute of different time outcome similar goods, be like, just offer money to foreign entrance when agreement of the sole agent that be occupied by insurance root, or in foreign appoint sell a delegate, when establishing a branch, use.
Floating is in afore-mentioned two a medium meaning is completely different, meaning of Floating Exchange Rate is " floating rate " , can drift freely, get the exchange rate system that market strength decides completely. And proof of a kind of when Floating Policy points to freight of much batch of accept insurance of in order to durative long-term insurance, chang Yi is " all guarantee slip " .
Exemple 2: Confirm
We " D Like To Inform You That Our Counter Sample Will Be Sent To You By DHL By The End Of
This Week And Please Confirm It ASAP So That We Can Start Our Mass Production.
Payment Will Be Made By 100% Confirmed, irrevocable Letter Of Credit Available By Sight Draft.
Very glad to inform you, our appearance general Yu Benzhou end gives you with express delivery, affirm as soon as possible please, so that we begin large quantities of production.
Payment is 1O0% spot, confirmed, irrevocable L/C.
One word of Confirmed is in the meaning of these two words is different also. In the first sentence, the means of Confirm " affirm " . In the 2nd sentence, confirmed L/C should be translated for " confirmed L/C " , the letter of credit of a kind of bank that assures cash what show place of a bank leaves namely by another bank.
Exemple 3: Negotiable
Part Time Barman Required. Hours And Salary Negotiable.
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