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Highway transportation is basic vocabulary
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Highway traffic Highway And Transportation

Civil engineer learns Road Engineering

Highway engineering Highway Engineering

Traffic engineering Traffic Engineering

Carriage engineering Transportation Engineering

Pavement Engineering of road surface engineering

Bridge engineering Bridge Engineering

Hydrogeology Hydrogeology

The project is geological Engineering Geology

The project is measured learn Engineering Surveying

Fundamental engineering Foundation Engineering

Channel engineering Tunnel Engineering

Project material learns Engineering Material

The car applies а of т of р of о of п of с of н of а of р of т of о of г of о of н of ъ of л of и of б of о of м of о of т of в of а of я of и of ц of а of т of а of о of л of п of с of к of з of я of и of р of е of н of е of ж of project и н (presently)

Carriage economics Transportation Economics

Build mechanical Road Machinery

Environmental protection environmental Protection

Work efficiency learns Ergonomics

Traffic psychology Traffic Psychology

Traffic is physiological Traffic Physiology

Traffic is statistical Traffic Statistics

Highway aesthetic Highway Aesthetics

Bridge aesthetic Bridge Aesthetics

Highway construction manages Highway Construction Administration

Traffic carries net Transportation Network

Highway net Highway Network

Highway Network Planning of highway network program

Density Of Highway Network of highway net density

Have highway Existing Highway

Build Stage Construction in installment

Highway builds fund Highway Construction Fund

Pass by expends Road Toll

Cross the bridge to expend Bridge Toll

Cross Sui to expend Tunnel Toll

The boat crosses cost Ferry Toll

Maintain a road expends Highway Maintenance Fee

Car purchases surtax Vehicle Purchase Additional Fee

Fair roadbed builds program Highway Capital Construction Procedure originally

Beforehand feasibility research Pre-feasibility Study

Feasibility research Feasibility Study

Plan assignment certificate Planning Assignment

Initial design Preliminary Design

The technology designs Technical Design

Enlarge initial design Enlarged Preliminary Design

Construction graph designs Construction Drawing Design

Post-assessment is evaluated after
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