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English-Chinese of vocabulary of financial foreign currency contrasts
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ABS asset assures negotiable securities (the English abbreviate of Asset Backed Securities)
Accelerated Depreciation accelerates depreciation
Acceptor acceptor; Get ticket person; Accept a person
Accommodation Paper be in harmony opens bill; Assure receipt for a loan
Accounts Payable handles funds on account
Accounts Receivable receivable
Accrual Basis should plan make; Authority duty happens make
Accrued Interest should plan accrual
Accredited Investors shuts qualificatory investor; Get letter investor
Point to accord with American negotiable securities to trade committee member (SEC) byelaw, can participate in blame of general United States to make public (illicit collect) emission halfway orgnaization and investor of individual of high net value
Accredit Value nature increases a cost
Accrediting capital appreciation
Apply to a variety of tools, designation justice capital is in tool (if upper limit agreement, fluctuation is restricted agreement, drop period with crossing-over period authority) grow continuously inside deadline.
Commodity Exchange of ACE United States
Rate of acidity exam of Acid Test Ratio; Fast use rate
Across The Board agrees in the round; Of overall
Acting In Concert acts consistently; Conspire
Asset of Active Assets activity; Have accrual capital fund
Capital of Active Capital activity
Actual Market spot market
Actuary essence calculates division; Insurance statistic expert
ADB Asian Development Bank
ADR United States collects a card; The United States holds receipt in the palm beforehand; The United States is put hold a proof in the palm
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