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GB/T 7920.3 of construction elevator term, 1996
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This standard basis GB 1.6—88 and GB 10112-88 undertook editing to GB 7920.3- 87. When editing, mature the harmony between standard of form a complete set is unified, agree with the diction of international standard and foreign standard as far as possible, in order to get used to the need of technical economy communication and international trade. Each term that sets in the standard involves standard of construction elevator series in of specific concept state, when writing standard of various form a complete set, should use the term that this standard sets, in order to achieve the goal with harmonious whole.

The place that this standard alters basically has:

─ ─ increased scope of the first chapter.

Classification of the 2nd chapter uses ─ ─ in term, added the entry of feature of type of feature of reflective utility, safe requirement and reflective drive; Cancel the entry that does not have typical sense.

─ ─ the 3rd chapter in component term, according to token and accurate, expression harmonious and compendious, unified principle undertook additions and deletions is mixed is in more alter.

The 4th chapter increased ─ ─ to concern content in specifications term.

The sun from become effective has this level, replace GB 7920.3—87.

This standard builds a ministry to put forward by People's Republic of China.

This standard puts in construction machinery of buccal unit Beijing 's charge by equipment of construction ministry machine and vehicle standard technology comprehensive institute puts in a mouth 's charge.

This standard drafts an unit: Construction machinery of academy of science of building of comprehensive institute, China changes construction machinery of construction ministry Beijing limited company of equipment of machine of harbor of Beijing of place, Beijing.

This standard basically drafts a person: Tao Hang, Chen Deqing, Guo Linyan.

1 limits

This standard provided construction lift (elevator of the following abbreviation) term and definition.

This standard applies to slideway of the edge in building construction to rise fall, the elevator that carries personnel and stock.

The crane that this standard does not apply to other type, mine rises with elevator and hydraulic pressure fall platform.

2 classification use term

2.1   (construction) elevator Builder′s Hoist

Carry slideway of person, edge holding thing to wear the construction machine that carries up and down with the device such as cage, platform, hopper.

2.2 goods use elevator Material Hoist

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