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The nomenclature term of gas turbine
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1 gas turbine

1.1 sort and type

1.1.1 gas turbine
Gas Turbine

Compress gas, after heating, expand in turbine, change its part heat energy those who be mechanical energy to rotate type power is mechanical.

Comprise by system of compressor, firebox, turbine, control and primary auxiliary facility commonly.

Device of motivation of 1.1.2 gas turbine
Gas Turbine Power Plant

It is device of dynamic whole set with gas turbine.

It includes gas turbine and the primary facility that produce useful dynamical place need.

1.1.3 type cycle gas turbine
Open Cycle Gas Turbine

The work that heating power circulates is simple by be reached in atmosphere and emit into atmospheric gas turbine.

The 1.1.4 loops that shut type (light) gas turbine
Closed Cycle Gas Turbine

The labour that heating power circulates keeps apart with atmosphere character (light) gas turbine.

1.1.5 semi-closed cycle gas turbine
Semi-closed Cycle Gas Turbine

The work that same heating power circulates is simple, one part undertakes type circulates shutting, another part undertakes the gas turbine of type loop.

1.1.6 simple loops light gas machine
Simple Cycle Gas Turbine

Only by compress, heat and expand the gas turbine that process composition heating power circulates.

1.1.7 complex cycle gas turbine
Complex Cycle Gas Turbine

Divide in the loop compress, heat and expand besides the process, still have a heat, intermediate refrigeration, reheat 3 person a medium or the gas turbine that a certain number of means combine.

1.1.8 burn gas - vapour (turbine) circulate jointly
Gas And Steam (turbine) Combined Cycle

Gas turbine and turbine combine the loop that be together in heating power process.

1.1.9 odd axes gas turbine
Single-shaft Gas Turbine

The gas turbine that the rotor of compressor and turbine joins mechanically together.

1.1.10 much axes gas turbine
Multi-shaft Gas Turbine

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