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Analyse the experimental instrument detailed list in chemistry
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Cone-shaped bottle (Conical Flask) (Erlenmeyer Flask)

Medical spoon (Medicine Spoon)

Burette (Drip Tube;dropper)

Beaker (Beaker)

Bo club (Glass Stick)

Wooden tube is placed (Test Tube Clamp;test Tube Holder)

Fat abdomen straw (Straws)

Capacity bottle (Volumetric Flask)

Pestle (Morta)

The ball that wash ear (Ear Wadhing Bulb)

Iodic measuring flask (Iodin Numoe Flask;iodineflask)

Reagent bottle (Reagent Bottle)

Graduate (Cylinder) (Graduated Cylinder)

Iron bracket (Siderocradle)

White porcelain board (White Porcelain Board)

Acerbity type burette (Acid Burette)

Lotion (Lotion)

Alkaline type burette (Alkali Burette)

Burette (Buret;burette)

Straight model condenser (Rectocondensor)

Capacity bottle (Volumetric Flask)

Funnel is worn (Funnel Stand)

Water bath boiler (Water Bath Kettle)

Thermometer (Thermometer;hygrometer;hydroscope)

Electric stove (Electric Furnace;electric Hot Plate;electric Stove)