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Electric power translates medium a few term
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It is a few professional term of the cento in electric power interpreter below.

Aircrew data of the standard shows (Standard Measurement And Display Data)

Load current per cent shows Percentage Of Current Load(% )

Single-phase / three-phase voltage Voltage By One/Three Phase (Volt. Single-phase / three-phase voltage Voltage By One/Three Phase (Volt..

Current By Phase (AMP of every phase current)

Kilovolt installs Apparent Power (KVA)

Neutral Current (N Amp of central line electric current)

Power factor Power Factor (PF)

Frequency Frequency(HZ)

Kilowatt Active Power (KW)

Reactive Power (KVAr of 1000 a powerful person)

Highest / low voltage and voltaic Max/Min. Current And Voltage

Output kilowatt / Output KWh/MWh of million made of baked clay hour

Running RPM of moving rotate speed

Aircrew runs normal Normal Running

Overspeed breakdown stops machine Overspeed Shutdowns

Breakdown of low oil pressure stops machine Low Oil Pressure Shutdowns

Gao Shuiwen breakdown stops machine High Coolant Temperature Shutdowns

Starting failure stops machine Fail To Start Shutdowns

Coolant Temperature Gauge of cooling water thermometer

Oil Pressure Gauge of engine oil oil pressure gauge

Battery Voltage Meter of storage battery volmeter

Aircrew runs a hour to express Genset Running Hour Meter

Idle fast - fast moving choice bolts Idle Run–Normal Run Selector Switch

Move - stop machine - shake accuse to start choice key Local Run-Stop-Remote Starting Selector Switch

Other breakdown shows reach input Other Common Fault Alarm Display And Input

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