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Accrual is accumulated - during every time trades inside, premium of distributive of bourse of long-dated foreign currency or discount concern to trade to interest arbitrage directly.

Adjustment is adjusted - the government acts, use at adjusting internal economic policy to revise balance of payments or monetary interest rate.

Appreciation appreciation - answer when prices market requirement carries when rising, a kind of money is called rise in value namely, asset value increases consequently.

Arbitrage arbitrage - pair of strong prices that use different market, be entered through buying or sell a credence the tool, buy same amount in corresponding market at the same time but the cash with opposite way, so that gain profit from inside subtle price balance.

Ask (Offer) Price sells piece (buy) valence - trade in one foreign currency contract or alternate currency trade the money appoints in the contract sell bade division. With this price, negotiant is OK average foundation money. In quote, it is the right ministry price of quote normally. Exemple: USD/CHF 1.4527/32, sell offer for 1.4532, meaning it is OK to be you 1.4532 Switzerland franc buys 1 dollar.

At Best optimal value - one directive tells negotiant best average / sell bade division.

Present price or better - trade to be carried out with one specific or better exchange rate.


Balance of payments of Balance Of Trade - point to one country approbatory, reach easy record external inside certain period, include commodity, service and capital flow.

Chart of Bar Chart good look - a kind by 4 dash forward the chart that nods composition: Highest comprise perpendicular club state with lowest price, be indicated by one urine even wire the Zun Duan at good look is price of reopen after a cessation of business, the Xiaoshui of right end makes the same score a line to be price shutting city.

Base Currency foundation is connected - other money all preps according to the money that its have quoting. It states fundamental money is opposite the value of the 2nd kind of money. Exemple, USD/CHF quote is 1.6215, it is 1 dollar value namely 1.6215 Switzerland franc. Trade in foreign currency in the market, the dollar is considered as to use as normally the currency of “ foundation ” of quote, meaning namely: Quote expression is equal to the other currency of different unit for an unit of 1 dollar. Main exceptional money is pound, euro and bay yuan.

Bear Market Xiong Fu - it is in order to grow the price that period drops special the market of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale.
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