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The summary that translates about electric power - part of steam machine island
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This piece the article is a basis him basis is outside Shanghai turbine of Gao Qiao power plant working experience of the island and write, to be not the steam machine island that Xi Menzi supplies, the likelihood comes in and go out somewhat.

A few terminologies that share turbine to be involved to the place in debugging a process from installation with everybody now, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody.

Steam machine island (Tubine Island) compositive the technical core of the power plant, among them most crucial equipment is turbine (Steam Turbine) with the dynamo (Generator) . The mechanical construction of turbine is very complex, overall will tell, on steam machine platform decorate as follows: High-pressured crock (HP) - middling pressure crock (IP) - low-pressure crock (LP) - dynamo (Generator) - exciter (Exciter) . Normally the circumstance falls, high-pressured crock (HP) with middling pressure crock (IP) it is assembly (COMPLETE) , and low-pressure crock (LP) may have two or 3 (LP1, LP2) . Each cylinder (Cyliner) be according to pressure grade (Pressure Level) will differentiate, when we point to cylinder directly, use CASING commonly. High-pressured crock side calls tone to carry (TE) , dynamo side calls report to carry (GE) , installation personnel also carries high-pressured jar head weighing a car sometimes, exciter nature is car end. From fore-and-aft decorate in light of, every cylinder had end of so called TE and GE end, from transverse decorate in light of, view direction from TE-GE, formed TEL (TE LEFT SIDE) , TER (TE RIGHT SIDE) , GEL (GE LEFT SIDE) , GER (GE RIGHT SIDE) ; Look from upend direction, every cylinder has on half crocks (CASING UPPER PART) mix below half crocks (CASING LOWER PART) namely, UPPER CASING and LOWER CASING, but every cylinder is the crock outside having (OUTER CASING) , inside crock (INNER CASING) , inside inside crock (INNER INNER CASING) composition, its interior structure is more complex, we will are through low-pressure crock exemple, undertake explaining alone.

Each cylinder by pouring in the foundation (Foundation) the medium guide bar that prop up (Centerguide) with bearing (Bearing Pedestal) the pedestal that go up (Bracket/support) prop up, the part that contacts with pedestal on cylinder calls feline claw (Paw Bracket) . Each cylinder, dynamo, and the shafting is passed between exciter (SHAFTING) photograph join rises. To every cylinder, its axis makes rotor (ROTOR) , rotor by be located in cylinder the bearing of two end medium bearing (BEARING) prop up, but not be every end all by bearing, sometimes the rotor of two crocks may be common a bearing (for example, between high-pressured crock and middling pressure crock) , in the shafting that comprises in HP-IP-LP1-LP2-G-E, satisfy a requirement with 7 bearing only. Bearing also is divided for fluctuation two half (UPPER HALF and LOWER HALF) , close together to form an approximate circle, just accommodate rotor, but actually, it is not whole round, because of rotor and plain bearing liner (BEARING BUSH) between existence clearance, call oil unoccupied place (have fluctuation two side are divided only, namely TOP CLEARANCE, SIDE CLEARANCES) , in moving process, rotor is carried on the head the axis is oily (JACKING OIL) since the top, undertake high speed rotates do not have attrition almost.
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