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The contract translates medium special statement and phrase
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1. About Shall and Should

Shall is the word with use highest frequency in contract file, in contract file Shall expresses mandatory the obligation that assumes law or contract place regulation, in expressive “ should ” or “ must when ” does something, apply “shall” and cannot use“Must” or “should” , but can use “will” sometimes, strength is weaker than Shall.

Should often makes “if” solution in legal file, if,express “ only the meaning of ” .

Be like:

The Board Meeting Shall Be Called And Presided Over By The Chairman. Should The Chairman Be Absent, the Vice-Chairman Shall, in Principle, call And Preside Over The Board Meeting.

In article:

★ two Shall, express responsible do, the suggestion that should make.

★ Should: If,If expresses.

★ Board Meeting: Conference of board of directors.

★ Preside Over: Chair.

Textual but interpret is:

Conference of board of directors should be called together by president, chair; If president is absent, in principle should be called together by assistant president, chair.

2.Unless Otherwise

Unless Otherwise: Except. Formaller than “if Not” and “otherwise” expression. This word by two synonym“Unless”With “otherwise” composition, otherwise has pronoun effect, past participle demarcate of the verb follows commonly from the back, meaning for: Unless additional …… . : Unless the contract has additionally,set ” like “ but interpret is “unless Otherwise Specified In The Contract” , unless L/C has additionally,set ” like “ again but interpret is“Unless Otherwise Specified In The Letter Of Credit. ”

Be like:

These Articles Shall Apply To Documentary Credits, including Stand By Letters Of Credit, to The Extent To Which The Credits In Question Shall Be Applicable, and Shall Be Binding On The Parties To The Contract, unless Otherwise Expressly Agreed By The Parties Thereto.

In article:

★ Unless Otherwise, unless contract both sides is additional,express to have an agreement.

★ These Articles points to this article

★ Apply To is applicable, apply to,

★ In Question: Under Consideration; Being Discussed About namely “ is considering medium or the ” something in comment, some problem, but interpret becomes “ this ” of this ” or “ , for instance ” of “ this item, but interpret is “the Matter In Question” , this is used professional phrase grows in the contract.
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