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Noun of building major major is Chinese and English contrast
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A. DESIGN BASIS designs a basis

B. DESIGN STAGE design phase

C. Condition of CLIMATE CONDITION atmosphere

D. Name of commonly used room of GENERAL ROOM NAME

E. ROOFING&CEILING roofing reachs ceiling

F. WALL(CLADDING) wall body (outside wallboard)

G. FLOOR&TRENCH ground reachs ground channel

H. DOORS, GLASS, WINDOWS&IRONMONGERY(HARDWARE) door, glass, window and hardware

I. STAIRCASE, LANDING&LIFT(ELEVATOR) stair, rest platform and elevator

J. Vocabulary of housing materials of BUILDING MATERIAL WORDS AND PHRASES reachs phrase

[brick of Bricks And Tiles and tile]

[Lime, ash of Sand And Stone, arenaceous with stone]

[Cement, cement of Mortar And Concrete, mortar and concrete]

[facing of Facing And Plastering Materials and plaster material]

[bitumen of Asphalt (Bitumen) And Asbestos and asbestine]

[Timber lumber]

[stuff of Metallic Materials metal]

[Non-Ferrous Metal nonferrous metal]

[material of Anti-Corrosion Materials anticorrosion]

[Building Hardware builds hardware]

[Paint paints]


[Discipline is professional]

[Conventional Terms is general and general noun]

[Architectural Physics building manages]

[name of post of Name Of Professional Role]

[Drafting cartography]

A. DESIGN BASIS designs a basis

Plan proposal book Planning Proposals

Design assignment certificate Design Order

Standard standard Standards And Codes

Conditional graph Information Drawing

Design fundamental data Basic Data For Design

Process Flowchart of technological process graph

Engineering Geological Data of project geology data

Source Original Data

Design plan Schedule Of Design

B. Design phase of STAGE OF DESIGN

Plan Scheme, draft

Draft Sketch

Talk summary Summary Of Discussion/MOM (minutes Of Meeting)

Negotiation Negotiation

Feasibility research Feasibility Study

Initial design Preliminary Design

The foundation designs Basic Design

Detailed design Detail Design

Inquiry graph Enquiry Drawing

Construction graph Working Drawing, construction Drawing

Complete graph As-built Drawing
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