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GOOGLE searchs the application in the interpreter
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1 preface 3
2 summaries 3
3 how to use the article 3
4GOOGLE brief introduction 4
5 searches introduction 4
6 first rank search 4
6.1 searches ask to include two to reach two above key word as a result 5
6.2 searches ask not to contain certain and specific information as a result 5
6.3 searches include the random in many key word at least as a result 5
6.4 " " , " - " and " OR " mixture inquiry 5
6.5 with " " and " - " reduce redundancy 6
7 auxiliary searches 6
7.1 problems matching accord with 6
The alphabetical size of 7.2 key word is written 6
7.3 searches are whole sentence 6
The character of oversight of 7.4 searches engine and vocabulary 7
7.5 compulsive searches 7
8 enter rank search 7
The website of 8.1 pairs of searches undertakes limitative 7
8.2 inquiry some kind file (often contain same and patulous name) 8
The key word of 8.3 searches is included in URL link 9
The key word of 8.4 searches is included in webpage caption 9
Law of diction of 9 other rarely 10
The 9.1 webpages that search all catenary to receive address of a certain URL 10
9.2 search as similar as content of structure of a certain page page 10
9.3 inquire information from inside page of the cache on GOOGLE server 10
9.4 Info 10
10 pictures are searched 11
Search inside 11 catalog 11
12 newsgroup (USENET) search 12
13The other and crackajack function of GOOGLE 12
13.1 compositive the toolbar that change 12
13.2 words English explains 13
13.3 webpages are translated 13
13.4 searches filter as a result 13
The keyword of 14 searches skill chooses pre-test 13
15 commonly used searches case 14
15.1 seek a person 14
15.2 look for software 15
15.3 look for a picture 15
15.4 look for MP3 16
15.5 look for a book 16
16GOOGLE searchs FAQ 16
17 adscript 17

1 preface
I knew GOOGLE first half of the year 2000. Before this, I search English information to use AltaVista normally, and search Chinese information is commonly used Sina. But after using GOOGLE oneself, it becomes my Favorite Search Engine. This also must thank brook of sina netizen Cao, because because his big thrust uprights,be at the outset, just make my knowledge got GOOGLE.
Remember Spring 1996 when, contact Internet for the first time when me, the charm that comes by blow on the face conquered. The feeling that the sort of skyline veries close, really wonderful. Be like,mix in the WWW surf that experienced insanity crazy after indulging like drunk BBS, I realize Internet comes to my influence the deep changes that still depends on learning way.
How will describe this kind of changes? The study previously, general need stores in abdomen beforehand next adequate knowledge, when necessary, recover wants part from inside huge information. Means of this kind of study was brought up a lot of " talent is 8 bottles high, learn rich 5 cars " great gifted scholar. But, arrived information field is exceeded greatly " the five classics of the four Books (The Great Learning,The Doctrine of the Mean,The Analects of Confucius and Mencius) " new period, beforehand the study means of information of magnanimity of aimless get down is a little malapropos. Say for example, we arrived large books city, often have a kind of feeling that be at a loss. Old some learns means to need to change in order to get used to the time of this information explosion. The purpose learns clearly, know to want what to learn first namely, seek the solution purposefully next, this kind of way looks more businesslike. I might as well call this " learn style namely " , corresponding, old some is called " learn style beforehand " .
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