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Yahoo is online interpreter - baby fish
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When getting online, discover Yahoo provided a new free service again: Vomit ⒈ Ρ from ┝ of Mao of  of  of octogenarian of  of Le of know well tending or guard a gate?0 beyond is planted the function of each other interpret of language character, the free service that provides as Yahoo passes try out, the sense is very good still.
"Baby fish " English name Babelfish, come from sci-fi " the galaxy roams guideline " , case of famous novel family financial situation pulls former writer England Si Adams. In the novel, "Baby fish " it is person of a kind of small fish, should put it into ear only in, the person can understand any languages. Edition of online interpreter Chinese names Yahoo " baby fish " (Babelfish) , lend its multilingual meaning namely.

Yahoo " baby fish "
As we have learned, yahoo " baby fish " (Babelfish) head period will enclothe 13 kinds of languages such as article of Chinese, English, French, heart, can complete pair of phase already (the longest 150 words) , the interpreter of sentence, phrase, word, also support the full text interpreter of pair of whole webpages.
Yahoo China webpage searchs Zhang Qin of product chief inspector to express, "The language has become the serious problem that information of block up Internet communicates. Basis last year the data August, yahoo search indexes the webpage gross that props up global index is as high as 19 billion, and be less than only among them very one of it is Chinese webpage. When a lot of users of domestic are searching foreign website information, often be a language be illogical and pained, because this is pressing,need an accurate and quick interpreter tool. On the other hand, as 2008 the advent of the Olympic Games, the website of a lot of home needs to support the visit of foreign friend, and oneself will translate and write English webpage already costly is arduous also. Pass baby fish now, want to join a paragraph of small code on the website only, can translate oneself website into a variety of languages to show the world automatically. Can translate oneself website into a variety of languages to show the world automatically..
Yahoo " baby fish " use very simple, the user needs to open Yahoo to translate tool page only, the input needs the interpreter's content and select language kind, can see the interpreter's result immediately; Return the webpage that can use interpreter user to appoint. To the broad friend that has a website, yahoo " baby fish " still offerred Yahoo to translate a tool, want to join a paragraph of small code on the website only, with respect to OK and open interpreter character or the function that translate a webpage give the user of the website that browse.

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