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One. The MultiTerm that start
Because Term Recognition is the one part that seesaw pattern translates, so the proposal runs MultiTerm from beginning to end at the same time in the interpreter.
1. In task column (Windows Taskbar) in enter begin (Start) menu.
2. Choose a program (Programs) MultiTerm English of → of → Trados 5 Applications. Enter MultiTerm English user interface so.
2. Establish new term warehouse
Before you found library of a new term to define, first all fields that your need uses establish and appurtenant relation. Can open existing term library, consult their term library definition obtains enlightenment.
After saving library of a term to define, you can join new field ceaselessly, but delete a field or rechristen can pass output and input to come true to new term library only.
Establish new term warehouse:
Open MultiTerm, enter menu File-Create New Termbase. Term library defines a dialog box to open, show the field that all this term libraries that open last define, eliminate former the definition of term library.
1.Click the field that you hope to delete
2.Click Delete
3.All fields that to you the hope deletes duplicate this operation. Different type field must save at least
4.The alternative that needs to delete the attribute field that preserves last (Pick List) , pitch on should choose, press next [Backspace] or [Delete] key
Different type field must save at least, but they can undertake very easily weighing naming.

If you want to establish the term warehouse of library of a similar and existing term, open that term library first, press Create New Termbasse next. The term library definition that opens formerly will build the base of term library as you.

Define index, text and attribute field
For example, establish the term warehouse that leads following field
Index field: English, chinese
Text field: Definition, note
Attribute field and attribute are worth: Subject (politics, law, economics) , use label (Official, acceptable, rejected)
Name existing field again:
1.Click you to want the field name of rechristen
2.Inside Field Name casing the input names again
Add new field:
1.The list midpoint that adds new field in need beats the last field
2.Click Add
3.New field name is inputted inside Field Name casing

Need a field to add order of a sort. Pitch on is new retrieve a field, click Default Sort Order (acquiescent sort order) pushbutton. This method applies to language of all the Latin alphabet, chinese is not applicable.

Property cost is added in choosing list
Each attribute field must have a corresponding property value to choose list. If want to add numerical value in list:
1.Click need to add or establish the property that chooses a value.
2.Click choose list (Pick List) casing.
3.The input is numeric.
4.If want to add new numerical value, press [Ctrl] [Enter] .

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