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1.With WinAlign
1.1 settings project
Please from " begin > program > TRADOS 5 Applications " WinAlign moves in menu, choose the New Project below File menu next.

1.1.1 settings are general option (General label)
1.Project name is keyed in in Project Name, for instance " My First Alignment Project " . Attention: This is your project name only, is not file name.
2.Decide in menu is pulled below File Type this project place uses documentation type, we choose default documentation type (Word documentation) .
3.Inside window of New WinAlign Project, click Source Language and Target Language pushbutton, choose source language and target language.
4.Wait for language of double byte target to Chinese, Han Wen, Japanese, click Target Segmentation pushbutton.
5.To Chinese, choose Colon.
6.The value instead Trailing Whitespace 0.
7.Choose Marks
8.The value instead Trailing Whitespace 0.
9.To Han Wen, choose Full Stop.
10.The value instead Trailing Whitespace 1.
Only double byte looks catchphrase character just must want to do above special setting. If look catchphrase character is monomial section language, your simply withholds original setting can.

1.1.2 in file of the to load in the project (Files label)

1.Choose File
2.Click Add Source Files, choose original language file
3.Click Add Target Files, choose target language file
4.Click pushbutton of Align File Name, two files were joined rise by dotted line now. (if, use Align File Names cannot realize file name to join, can the hand changes join file name)
You are OK at the same time to load many files.

Option of 1.1.3 settings Alignment
Although do not have artificial interpose, winAlign also can match a result through adjusting a series of option to optimize.
1.Click Alignment
2.Procrastinate move Formatting condition to arrive High area.
3.Withhold other setting.
1.1.4 settings structure identifies option
Major documentation includes the foreword, chapter, construction such as the section, and in DOC or RTF documentation, the structure such as chapter, section is defined to be stage style. WinAlign can be analysed in matching a course and use these logistic structures.
1.Click Structure Recognition
2.Click the Add pushbutton that is located in lower part of casing of Source Styles list.
3.In Select File dialog box, doubleclick original language file.
4.In the list of Styles In Document inside Select Styles dialog box, choose " Heading1 " and " Heading2 " style.
5.Click Add pushbutton, chooses form will be moved to come casing of list of Selected Styles style.
6.Click OK to affirm.
7.The operation of above measure duplicates in Target Styles list, will get same pattern.

Now, we will establish link between disparate structural arrangement of ideas.
1.Choose in Source Styles and Target Styles list " Heading1 " , affirmatory " Heading1 " for one level type.
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