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Trados introduction tutorial (graph article explanation)
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The article that uses about TRADOS on the network is very much, but the content that most content involves is too extensive, the person of the same trades that just prepared begin saw total meeting feel not know what is said, do not know how to start. Him author also encounters many troubles in self-study phase. The use with long-term course and consider, wrote essay eventually, the hope can solve a few problems for friends. Because basically face a novice, so the article just also had specific aim ground to involve the basiccest measure. TRADOS software itself has been after 5.5 edition MultiTerm (lexical library) depart comes out, in light of the use circumstance from him author, the utilization rate of MultiTerm is very low also, the article also did not do a specification to the use of MultiTerm. Ultimate goal has only, let person of the same trades be familiar with TRADOS quickly namely, use TRADOS.

Introduce TRADOS simply above all. TRADOS belongs to an interpreter to remember software, with golden hill fast interpret differs, it won't replace your interpreter, the interpreter content record that just has made you comes down, in putting a database (call memory the library, namely TM (Translation Memory) , wait for when translating same or similar statement again, TRADOS can remind you, perhaps replace your interpreter that finish, in the meantime, TRADOS retains the literal form of original document effectively, for dragoman people leave out a lot of troubles. Be translated so or want to rely on oneself, TRADOS just helps you improve the interpreter's efficiency. If use adroitness, TRADOS can help you will translate speed to raise 2-4 times.

We enter subject below.

1, example file.
Will the following text duplicates among WORD documentation, name for Sample1.doc.

Sample For Learning TRADOS. (Note: Set the style of this caption please a few bigger)

Mr. Ray Is A Translator.
Mr. Ray Is A Translator.
He Was Born In 1949.
Mr. Jason Is A Translator.
He Was Born In 2005.
They All Use TRADOS In The Process Of Translation.
Mr. Ray Is A Translator.
He Was Born In 1965.
Mr. Jason Is Also A Translator.
He Was Born In 1980.
He Runs A Translation Website Called Zftrans.com.

2, preparation recalls form

(state beforehand, what the article uses is TRADOS7.0 edition, but the person of the same trades of use other version need not worry, because the use method of each version is basic identical. )
Abbreviation of Translator's Workbench(later development is clicked to be Workbench) between program series, enter Workbench interface.

The file in clicking menu (File)- - build (New) , build warehouse of a memory.

If be to be used for the first time, can shoot a dialog box, let you input user name (User ID) , write down in this memory library by you later sentence paragraph it is those who belong to this ID.
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