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Trados translates brief flow
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1.Analytic manuscript
1-1 manuscript type is analysed
The kind that speaks of a manuscript 100 thousand kinds, but encounter at present nothing more than the following kinds of primitive forms:
1.Word/RTF 檔
2.PDF 檔
3.White paper archives (cough, give the meaning of textual Hardcopy only namely)
5.The PageMaker in fokelore and FrameMaker 檔 (etc after capital buys Trados whole Solution, look have a company to want Case)
This is whole Stage is myself definition, did not mention in any Trados or the file that are other translation software. Why should carry this? Go up by experience when I know to enter a lot of fields, principal Wu does a homework first namely. Do a homework to be able to let you master a state inside a few hours first, have basic Know-how to follow Sense, it is very useful investment. The method of business class is very important also, basically be about to see you beg class hour to seek the way of data nevertheless. Great period has door class in impression " exercise studies " , the theory that offers research of field of a few information and analysis follows brief introduction, after he gives a society, nevertheless a lot of things must come by experience gradually. The tool that recommends right now has Google to follow the relevant Chinese and English webpage of former plant or each product. The true HELP that the product looks for directly when be no good or Bbs are OK also.
This phase has a few main purposes:
How many does ‧ have to already the thing can repeat use?
How many does ‧ have to consult data can be used?
Is how many thing ‧ has ability place and / not as good as?
Whether should accept the order on ‧ cost factor?
1-2 word counts computation and man-hour estimation
Respecting calculates word number, should be the person of the same trades that climb grid the most excited also most be afraid of the hour that gets harm. Inside Word [the word counts statistic] the function can be used well, just fasten a fault to regard character number as word number, that true dry ration is big.
In addition, a bit more professional means is by Translator's Workbench in, use [Analysis] analysis function gets.
A string of 1 the issue of cunning came nevertheless. It is the function of word number statistic obviously, how does numerate have differ slightly? At present till I also did not pay a consideration, otherwise has some of identifier that he uses in Word to also was calculated to go in by Trados namely. The website in Translationzone (Trados Freelancer) go up the quote means under the proposal:
100% Match: Charge 30% Of Base Rate Per Word
99%-85% Fuzzy Matches: Charge 60% Of Base Rate Per Word
84%-No Match: Charge 100% Of Base Rate Per Word
This is the quote means of the proposal only. The quantity that the owner here asks to use Trados returns Taiwan is not very much (with whole interpreter market sees) , and the standard that also did not make clear. E.g. , when I had treated owner hope end a case, TM is handed over along with all the others with MultiTerm, but because it is to belong to [white paper archives] model Case, accordingly I can ask these wisdom money want Charge; The Case that other owner gives TM directly is the most marvellous, the ourselves after end a case also can get an owner the TM there, conduce to us building richer TM database.
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