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TRADOS translates actual combat middling to see the problem is solved
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1, in translating a process, do not know what reason, no matter how be pressed,cannot continue to translate in Word, the condition column of Workbench shows " happen. . Mistake " " cannot find full stop " the clew of and so on. How does ability make him normal work?
Answer: In Word " Trados " menu, click " repair documentation " , the problem can be solved.

2, in translating a process, produce a mistake, after use rehabilitate documentation, although the problem has been solved, however from now on, total in Word textual show with mark all come, no longer as textual like before conceal with mark. Excuse me how will textual is with Trados mark concealed?
Answer: In Word " tool " menu, click " option " , shooting the dialog box that give, " view " in mark of the format in option card " conceal a character " before " check the number " purify, click " affirmatory " . Can solve.

3, in my Workbench " Option " menu midpoint was chosen " Term   Recognization " , however, be in on the right side of although appear term region, but never show term hints? This is why, how to solve?
Answer: In Workbench " Option " menu is clicked " Option of   of Term   Recognization " , make choice of your term library file, whether did you open term library file additionally?
If had been opened, still do not show. Be in please of Multiterm " File (file) " menu, click " Index of   of Create   Fuzzy (found obscure reference) " .

4, I have has translated implied meaning, in how guiding them the interpreter is remembered?
If be an article, use WINALIGN please, please
One, guide the interpreter of WORKBENCH recalls measure:
1, above all, will Chinese and English build two RTF file respectively, a textual, translation
2, the WINALIGN process that opens TRADOS65,
3, the project is built in FILE menu, the setting is very textual with translation.
4, add in the setting of PROJECT textual with translation
5, WINALIGN file.
6, arrange through DISCONNECT and CONNECT to abhorrent part consistent
7, will derive for TXT file
8, open WORKBENCH, in FILE of menu general in guiding the interpreter is remembered.

If be the term glossary that collect, please
2, guide measure of MULTITERM term library program:
1, build EXCEL term to express the first column to be textual, the 2nd column is translation, and group has been noted textual with translation (like ENGLISH, CHINESE)
2, open WORKBENCH,
4, in TOOLS menu, choose CONVERT EXCEL FILE TO MULTITER5 IMPORT FORMAT(to turn EXCEL into much term course 5 guide format.
5, reoccupy is migratory tool

5, processing technique of the translation after is TRADOS translated how?
About " clear already translated documentation " method.
Method one:
Clear the documentation that already translated
You already may be via realizing in interpreter process, textual became conceal a character, pass a few implicit purple separator and interpret
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