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Pass skill to train together (5)- - tape practices
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Tape practices: Simultaneous interpretation is the activity with very strong practicality, the skill that its involve should lean at ordinary times exercise ability masters for learner. Accordingly, should doing what a lot of exercise ability become true qualification to pass dragoman together at ordinary times. General and normal training asks with the orgnaization that passes dragoman recieve training person when wanting to have nearly 300 tape outside the training that accepts except classroom (Tape-hours) essence listens, chastening. The content that tape practices wants rich and colorful, subject matter extensive, tone is all ready, the ounce in wanting to include is planted language. Had better be recording of international conference speech or video. When the exercise, can come down oneself interpreter collection, undertake an analysis, the place that finds out inadequacy and by accident the place of interpret, leakage interpret. The control of any skill is to lean at ordinary times accumulate over a long period, rely on difficult exercise.