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System of conference simultaneous interpretation and design ask
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Content abstract: The article decomposes simultaneous interpretation system to pass sound system, listen to system, transmission dispatching system and control center, part the explanatory note that basic to its idea, principle has depth goes out, raise basic requirement to the design of every subsystem.


What is meant by simultaneous interpretation system? It is a kind of high administrative levels internationally conference system, by microphone equipment (system) , transliteration member dispatching system of equipment, language and composition of place of concerned control equipment. The interpreter that can finish a language, transmit and allocate, the conference system that listen. Simultaneous interpretation is not new technology, be told however to personnel of partial acoustics project, compare possibly also unfamiliar, in acoustics job business of nearly two years, grow in quantity of simultaneous interpretation year after year. Had designed a whole simultaneous interpretation system, want to have the notional model of a clarity above all.
One, pass sound system and equipment requirement to pass sound system to be comprised by microphone equipment, the microphone that microphone equipment and we say at ordinary times (or microphone) photograph comparing, do not have substantive to distinguish, the control that just increased to have the function such as switch, directive, control together on the foundation of mike exports equipment, often say for mike. Microphone system and central processing equipment
Control a center to be linked together namely, according to different level but will pass sound system to make following classification:
The active type that the class before 1.) passive type or belt magnifies
Dispersive and automatic means operates 2.) or center a hand to move means operation
3.) secures installation type or flow installs type
Chairman 4.) is used, the delegate is used, transliteration member with, operation personnel is used wait for microphone equipment
We are aimed at the 4th kind of classification, talk about the requirement of equipment of a few kinds of microphone respectively:
The chairman uses microphone device: Use at presiding speech device, it by microphone, put through / cuts off pushbutton of switch, indicator, first speech to comprise; In the meantime, the chairman can choose as same as the delegate speech way, also can use oneself the means of first speech. In automata means, usable still controller adjusts immediately volume and put through condition holds time, still have the block switch that the system accepts before one can prevent to attending a meeting on behalf of microphone. Still have in more advanced chairman microphone equipment ban control of amount of choice of mode of speech pushbutton, speech, speech and systematic volume air officer, for example SENNHEISEB ICL, Chairman P mike.
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