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How to learn simultaneous interpretation?
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As the development of economic globalization, international association is increasing, to professional interpreter, the requirement that passes dragoman together especially is increasing also. The student that many foreign language major graduate hopes to be able to accept a few major to train in this respect. Introduce a few kinds of way that raise level of oral interpretation major below
(1) normal major trains: Normal and professional training basically is to point to enter colleges and universities or special interpreter to groom the orgnaization accepts professional degree (diploma) education. Before seventies pass dragoman to accept normal professional training without the opportunity mostly together, basically rely on the experience of dragoman and endowment, gropingly undertakes various interpreters work. Now day, translating course had been the core course of a lot of foreign language schools. Division of department of the interpreter institute of specialization, interpreter also alls over pace world each district. It is with English-Chinese interpreter only exemple: England is like next schools to offer course of master's degree of English-Chinese and bilingual interpreter: The University Of Westminster, Bath University, The University Of New Castle; The The University Of Auckland of the The University Of Griffith of the Monterey Institute Of International Studies of American California, Australia, New Zealand also opened English-Chinese to translate master's degree course. Be in China, interpreter (include mouth, written translation) the obligatory course Cheng that is foreign language major all the time. As a result of the reason of the persons qualified to teach, some colleges fail to offer oral interpretation course. Home is at present more influential, the orgnaization that offers course of direction of major of buccal written translation has: Institute of English of university of foreign trade of foreign language of advanced interpreter institute, Guangdong translates university of Beijing foreign language the phylum outside university of department, Xiamen. Additional, room of interpreter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs also undertakes the vocational training of specialization to the interpreter personnel of employ. Hong Kong, Taiwan opens the school that translates degree course to have: Dip of university of Hong Kong Chinese, Hong Kong is met state-maintaineding Normal University of university of labour of manage of college of the university, university austral Hong Kong mountain, Hong Kong city, Hong Kong, Taiwan, complementary benevolence the university.

(2) on-the-job training: Very rare dragoman joins an orgnaization to if work,can leave immediately. A few bigger orgnaizations can give them certain on-the-job groom, and offer business take a refresher course regularly, raise vocational level. The dragoman that recruits every year like Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to groom in interpreter room what the center has time about one year is on-the-job groom, just can enter the court truly next interpreter. A few technical the stronger orgnaization, technology that still can have specialization to dragoman grooms. Make dragoman is familiar with working environment, master fundamental skill.
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