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Advanced oral interpretation takes notes -- simultaneous interpretation
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Simultaneous interpretation, weigh synchronous oral interpretation again, it is dragoman is below the case that does not break teller speech, keep passing its speech content interpret to give a kind of oral interpretation of audience way. The biggest advantage of simultaneous interpretation depends on efficiency tall, can make sure the speech just makes coherent speech, be not affected or interrupt the train of thought of teller, be helpful for audience be opposite of speech full text connect an understanding.

One, right in simultaneous interpretation activity the requirement of dragoman

1, dragoman of simultaneous interpretation requirement has good hearing to explain desire ability. Simultaneous interpretation is one kind listens namely namely the activity of interpret, listen to go out with interpret between the time space that maintains a few seconds only, dragoman is in oral the news that before passing interpret a few seconds, hears while, still must ear listens the information that reachs Jie Yixin. The ear that because this kind of hearing explains desire ability,is different from common sense listens knowingly ability, what it points to is the capacity that a kind of dragoman leaves to hear solution news in time in the environment that has ego interference.
But the audition of dragoman explains the action that be not is a kind of passivity completely, in interpret can the signal element such as the cultural background that the footing of the theme from congress, person that make a speech, speech considers problem or argument, make oneself audition interpret building is in " context " on the foundation, become passive to listen to interpret to give priority to pleasant interpret then.

2, dragoman of simultaneous interpretation requirement is had listening to solution while the capacity that rapid organization sentence has coherent and fluent expression. Perhaps somebody can think, chinese is our mother tongue, accordingly Ying Yihan's difficulty depends on whether understand English content in time, do not depend on how Chinese comes group sentence with expression. This is a kind of misunderstanding that works to oral interpretation completely. Group an expression, no matter be,still undertake with mother tongue with the foreign language, it is a knowledge, a kind of ability, below the circumstance of the content that listens in need attend to especially.

2, a few basic methods of simultaneous interpretation and skill

1, free translation
Simultaneous interpretation listens namely namely the characteristic of interpret, force dragoman must " of one mind 2 with " , in making dragoman is translating a process, accomplish hard " form " " meaning " be satisfactory to both sides. In addition, dragoman passes interpret in synchronism when by force of time pressure, also cannot be opposite the word of expressive form pour of target language drinks sentence one. Be in " form " " meaning " hard below the circumstance of be satisfactory to both sides, dragoman should use the method of free translation, the idea that includes origin language place quickly with concise language and proposition communicate audience.
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