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Advanced oral interpretation takes notes -- information age
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The first participle is collected

Burgeoning industry Emerging Industry
Sunny industry Sunrise Industry
Network industry Internet Industry

Virtual reality Virtual Reality
Fictitious shop Virtual Store

Compatible Computing Platform of compatibility computer platform
Miniature browser Microbrowser
Broadband technology Broadband Technology
Dial online modem Dial-up Modem
Interactive Multimedia of seesaw pattern multimedia
Interactive E-book of book of seesaw pattern electron
Interfacial Interface
The navigation on wireless palm implement Wireless Palm Pilot
Beehive communication Cellular Communications
Household Electrical Appliances of electric home appliances

Intranet of local area network
Website Website
Netizen Netizen
Internet bar Cybercafe
Network world Cyber World
Cyberbusiness of the commerce on the net
The net hands in easy Networked Transaction

Appear on the market Be Listed On The Stock Market
Market prise Stock Value
After-tax Profit of profit after tax
Chinese card inspect is met China Securities Regulatory Commision
Na Sida overcomes NASDAQ National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

ADSL: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, circuitry of asymmetry number subscription
Delphi: Delfai / of pronunciation / ′ , special Er Fei, name of ancient Greek city, be regarded as by Gu Xila's person the center of the world, became famous because of having Apollo shrine. In Bao Lan of United States of computer English middle finger (the computer programming language of drive of a kind of of Borland) company visible, object-oriented, incident.
DLL: Dynamic Link Library, trends links a library
DNS: Domain Name System, domain name system
FTP: File Transfer Protocol, the file transmits an agreement
Ghost: General Hardware Oriented System Transfer, comprehensive hardware directs the system is transferred
HTML: HyperText Markup Language, transcend text sign language
HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol, exceed text to transmit an agreement
IP: Internet Protocol, net boundary agreement
ISDN: Integrated Service Digital Network, serve digital network integratedly
ISP: Internet Service Provider, internet serves a provider
Java: By American sun (the new-style object-oriented programming that Sun) company rolls out language. Java collect object-oriented, platform has nothing to do a lot of character such as Cheng of gender, firm sex, security, multi-line at an organic whole, increased the function of the respect such as process designing of unusual processing, network, special agree with the development of Internet application, it is implementation " a world, a network " the key of conception. The of all kinds software that writes with Java can be accomplished truly " Write Once, run Anywhere(is written into, move everywhere) " , that is to say, same software can move on different computer, no matter be computer of machine of PC, apple, UNIX, still carry assistant of data of individual of buy box, PDA(on the head) and even intelligence yuan parts of an apparatus does not have one exception.
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