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Advanced oral interpretation takes notes -- formal congratulate
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Formal the lubricant that intersects with respect to border of the humanness that be inspected from of old, of appropriate formal and OK promotional understanding, deepen friendship. In external affairs activity, exquisite and formal also be indispensable.

The first share is primary vocabulary
Kick off / closure Opening/closing Ceremony
Open address Opening Speech/address
Send open address Make An Opening Speech
Friendly visit Goodwill Visit

Your Exllency Your/His/Her Honor/Excellency
Honoured guest Distinguished Guest
Mayor gentleman Respected Mr.Mayor of respect
Come from afar / the friend Friends Coming From A Distant Land/the Other Side Of The Pacific that comes from ocean the other shore
Host country Host Country

Announce... opening Declare... Open
At during On The Occasion Of
Take the opportunity Take This Opportunity To
With... nominal In The Name Of
Act on... mental In The Spirit Of
Represent On The Behalf Of
The gratitude Heartfelt Thanks of from the bottom of one's heart
Friendly and xenial Gracious Hospitality
Invite Officioa Invitation formally
Review past Look Back On
Look into prospective Look Ahead/look Into The Future
Final In Closing
Consummation A Complete Success
Offer toast Propose A Toast

Term of the 2nd part is patulous
One, political vocabulary
Asia-Pacific area Asian-Pacific Region
Establish diplomatic relations Establishment Of Diplomatic Relations Between
Exchange visits Exchange Of Visit
Foreign policy Foreign Policy
Always pursue In Persistent Pursuit Of
Equality And Mutual Benefit of equal mutual benefit
Bilateral relationship Bilateral Relations
Lasting peace Lasting Peace

2, political vocabulary
Trade Volume of trading business volume
Business circles Business Community
Transnational corporation Transnational Corporation
Economic powerful nation / economic big country / economic big powers (inspect particular case to translate) Economic Power

Illustrative sentence of the 3rd part
1. I wish to take the opportunity, represent all member of our delegacy, invite of Amphitryon cordially to us, express genuine gratitude.
On The Behalf Of All The Members Of My Mission, I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Express Our Sincere Thanks To Our Host For Their Earnest Invitation.

2. now, I announce congress of the 22nd Universal Postal Union kicks off happily.
Now, I Have The Pleasure To Declare The 22nd Universal Postal Congress Open.

3. I am honoured very much government of ground delegate China and people all along express warm reception from the delegacy of U.k. .
I Have The Honor To Express This Warm Welcome On Behalf Of The Chinese Government And People To The Delegation From The United Kingdom.

4. I express the warmest reception to everybody sincerely.
I Would Like To Extend My Warmest Welocme To All Of You.

I congratulate beforehand 5. congress consummation!
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