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Advanced oral interpretation fors reference strategy
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Attend with respect to great majority " certificate of qualification of English oral interpretation " examinee, the " of obstacle of the biggest " that obtains this letter is certificate exam the oral interpretation part of the 2nd phase, the fierce tiger that its " eats off the examinee number of " to want over scene in relief hillock to go up counts hundredfold! Although oneself are inferior to fierce Song Mengwei, but close watch sympathizes with the students of a gathering of things or people of a gathering of things or people that join " of " tiger's mouth-jaws of death to be being swallowed by " of obstacle of " of oral interpretation exam, wish the English that him part comes more than 20 years and experience of oral interpretation teaching, to arrowy annals Yu Pan is ascended " certificate of oral interpretation qualification " the oral interpretation lover of " of this " high mountain people compare notes chats, discuss a few path that had entered " of obstacle of certificate exam " and method together.

Generally speaking, the English oral interpretation that should adopt high administrative levels takes an exam, the person that consult must have 3 requirements:

1, basic training of sound Chinese and English language (Linguistic Proficiency Both In Chinese And English Languages) ;

2, wide intellectual range (Encyclopedic Knowledge) ;

3, master oral interpretation fundamental skill (Mastery Of Interpretation Techniques/skills) .

Say first the a bitth, namely basic skill of Chinese and English language. In oral interpretation domain, basic skill of Chinese and English language points to namely master adroitly and apply Chinese and English two kinds of languages. Specific and character, capacity of organization of the audition of the person that oral interpretation consults, vocabulary, sentence and oral expression ability should reach quite high level. In education and exam, I discover most examinee to be deficient in badly in the ability of these a few respects. Some people listen to simple stuff to still can be dealt with, but audition material is nominal a bit more difficult, grow when English sentence especially a few, or English former a sentential structure is a few more complex, they two bemused, apprentice sighs but. Inside reason, it is audition level not quite tall.

A paragraph of word listens come down, get the fragmentary fragment information such as word, phrase only, is not the complete meaning of paragraphs of whole word. As to the vocabulary, I think one of the student general situation is, everybody " 4, pass a barrier of 6 " of class " exam after behead general " , it is certain to read a vocabulary to have accumulate, also understand the basic meaning of these vocabularies, but because be used rarely, everybody is not to the head medium vocabulary does not know firstly only secondly, know to apply them adroitly far from namely. Often teach " in " later, students the ground like " of ability " as if wakening from a dream store " of activation of a string of in him head " that string together a word rises, if realize the ground somewhat,nod again and again. The main reason that creates this kind of situation grows period not to use English namely, the vocabulary that as a result carries on the back at past work laboriously not close rise. Accordingly, should raise level of English oral interpretation or annals pricks the person that English oral interpretation takes an exam at rushing, be necessary constant ground, again and again reviews original vocabulary, make oneself read a vocabulary to be changed into audition vocabulary and colloquial vocabulary. If can make oneself commonly used vocabulary maintains,be in 8000 to 10000 between, so, be able to achieve success one way or another can be accomplished when oral interpretation, do a job with skill and ease.
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