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Advanced oral interpretation takes notes -- business affairs negotiates
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The first share is primary vocabulary
Inquiry Make An Inquiry
Quote Quotation
Newspaper / send dish of Offer
Chassis Floor Offer
Solid / non-firm offer Firm/non-firm Offer
Leave / closing quotation Opening/closing Price
Now / futures price Spot/forward Price
Counteroffer Counter-offer
Answer commission Return Commission
C.I.F C.I.F. (namely Cost, insurance And Freight)
Add commission price C.I.F.C to the bank. (namely Cost, insurance, freight And Commission)

Spot Goods of merchandise on hand
Stock is limited Limited Stock
Trade price Wholesale Price
Retail price Retail Price
Net profit Net Profit
Deposit Down Payment
Instalment Payment By Installment
Cash Settlement of cash settle accounts
Payment By Letter Of Credit(L/C of L/C settle accounts)

Partner Shareholder; Stockholder
Our On Our Part
Double win strategic Win-win Strategy

Terminate The Contract of break down contract
Put forward Lodge A Claim of claim for compensation
Claim For A Compensation Of The Loss/damage of seek redress loss
Business Claim of commerce claim for compensation
Compensation trade Compenstion Trade

Term of the 2nd part is patulous
Trade fair Commodities Fair
Line/scope Of Business of scope of operations
Exclusive Selling Agency of exclusive distribute representative
Market admittance Market Access
Machine tool Machine Tools
Car component Auto Parts
E-commerce; E-business of electronic business affairs

Illustrative sentence of the 3rd part
It is C.I.F of 90 days to my period of efficacy please. Quote, destination port is los angeles, quote contains the commission of 5% .
I'd Like To Hear Your Quotation On A C.I.F.Los Angeles Basis Valid For 90 Days, with An Inclusion Of 5% Angent's Commission In Your Quotation.