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Buccal the style of translation notes a sign
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One, acronym
The frequency that acronym uses among English is very tall, be like IMP: Important, ASAP: As Soon As Possible. Very apparent if can master acronym adroitly, can have profit greatly to the exam.
Of acronym write a law to be 4 kinds of means commonly:

F takes off all vowel
MKT: Market
MGR: Manager
MSG: Message
STD: Standard
RCV: Receive

Before F is withheld a few letters
INFO Information
INS Insurance
EXCH Exchange
I Owe You IOU
In Stead Of I/O

F reservation begin and ending pronunciation letter
WK Week
RM Room
PL People

F basis articulates
R Are
THO Though
THRU Through

Acronym of commonly used English expresses audition of advanced oral interpretation

Acronym original term
APT Apartment
ACC Accountant
ACDG According
ACPT Accept
AD Advertisement
ADS Address
ADV Advice
AMAP As Much/many As Possible
AMT Amount
APV Approve
ASAP As Soon As Possible
BAL Balance
BLDG Building
CERT Certificate
CFM Conform
CNCL Cancel
CNF Conference
CMI Commission
CMP Complete
CMPE Compete/competitive
CMU Communication
CONC Concern/concerning/concerned
COND Condition
CO. Company
DEPT Department
DISC Discount
DPT Departure
EXCH Exchange
EXPLN Explain
EXT Extent
FLT Flight
FNT Final
FRT Freight
FYR For Your Reference
GD Good
GUAR Guarantee
H.O. Home Office
INFO Information
IMPS Impossible
IMP(T) Important
INCD Include
INDIV Individual
INS Insurance
INTST Interested
I/O In Stead Of
IOU I Owe You
IVO In View Of
MANUF Manufacture
MDL Model
MEMO Memorandum
MGR Manger
MIN Minimum
MKT Market
MSG Message
NCRY Necessary
NLT No Later Than
OBS Observe
OBT Obtain
ORD Ordinary
PAT Patent
PC Piece
PKG Packing
PL People
PLS Please
POSN Position
POSS(BL) Possible
PROD Product
QLTY Quality
QUTY Quantity
RCV Receive
REF Reference
REGL Regular
REP Representative
RESN Reservation
RPT Repeat
RESPON Responsible
SEC Section
SITN Situation
STD Standard
TEL Telephone
TEMP Temporary
TGM Telegraph
THO Though
TKS Thanks
TRD Trade
TRF Traffic
TTL Total
U You
UR Your
WK Week
WL Will
WT Weight
XL Extra Large

2, letter, image
Z expresses " person " People/person, because " Z " look like individual head, it is written in the top right corner of a word or symbol normally. For example: Japanese: JZ.
C represents a government, regnant: Government, c of Govern Greek letter is read / Ga:mA/ , approximate Government, express Govern so with C, government. Governmental Official can express to be CZ
P expresses politics: Politics, p of Political Greek letter is read / Pai/ , approximate Politics, political. So Politician can express to be PZ
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