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Abbreviations In Note Taking

Use Only The Abbreviations That Fit Your Needs And That You Will Remember Easily. A Good Idea Is To Introduce Only A Few Abbreviations Into Your Note Taking At A Time.

Symbols Helpful In Math- - These Are Commonly Used In Texts And References.
S = SumF = Frequency

Leave Out Periods In Standard Abbreviations. Cf = CompareE.g. = ExampleDept = Department

Use Only The First Syllable Of A Word. Pol = PoliticsDem = DemocracyLib = LiberalCap = Capitalism

Use Entire First Syllable And Only 1st Letter Of 2nd Syllable. Pres = PresentationSubj = SubjectInd = IndividualCons = Conservative

Eliminate Final Letters. Use Just Enough Of The Word To Form A Recognizable Abbreviation. Assoc = AssociateBiol = BiologyInfo = InformationAch = AchievementChem = ChemistryMax = MaximumIntro = IntroductionConc = ConcentrationMin = MinimumRep = Repetition

Omit Vowels, retain Only Enough Consonants To Give A Recognizable Skeleton Of The Word. Ppd = PreparedPrblm = ProblemEstmt = EstimateBkgd = BackgroundGvt = Government

Use An Apostrophe In Place Of Letters. Am ' T = AmountCont ' D = ContinuedGov ' T = GovernmentEducat ' L = Educational

More Reference:

Use Standard Maths, accounting, and Science Symbols. Examples:

/ / Parallel

Use Standard Abbreviations And Leave Out Full Stops. Examples:

Eg Example
IT Dept Information Technology Department
UK United Kingdom

Use Only The First Syllable Of A Word. Examples:

Mar Marketing