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Chinese-English oral interpretation classifies a vocabulary (10)- - educational
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(university) acting president Acting President

(university) vice-president Vice President

(university) president President/Chancellor

(university) specialized subject Major Types Of Education In China Short 2- To 3- Year Higher Education Programs

(of the university) study a group; Colloquium Seminar

(country) stipend (State)stipend/subsidy

(Thespian institute) the performance fastens Acting Department

(department) director Chairman; Chairperson

(elementary school) president Head /Master

(worker) children school School For Children Of Workers&Staff Members

(middle school) president Principal

Love compatriots person Patriotic Personage

Patriotism teachs Education In Patriotism

100-mark System of hundred mark system

Classmaster Class Discipline Adviser/Head Teacher

Managerial benefit Efficiency In School Management

Part-time school Part-work And Part-study School

Semiliterate Semiliterate; Functional Illiterate

The bag allocates Guarantee Job Assignments

By accredit Be Authorized To Do

Obligatory course Required/compulsory Course

Commencement Graduation Ceremony; Commencement

Graduation appraisal Graduation Appraisal

Project Thesis; Dissertation

Graduation designs Graduation Ceremony

Graduate Graduate

Graduation exercitation Graduation Field Work

Diploma Diploma; Graduation Certificate

Doctoral Doctor (Ph.D)

Postdoctoral Post Doctorate

Center For Post-doctoral Studies of station of flow of postdoctoral scientific research

Make-up examination Make-up Examination

Continuation school Continuation School

Fail Fail

Material project fastens Department Of Materials Engineering

Material science fastens Department Of Materials Science

Finance And Trade School of school of finance and trade

Finance Financial Allocation allocating funds

Measure department Department Of Survey

Report School Report; Report Card; Transcript

The adult teachs Adult Education

Adult school Adult School

Night School For Adults of adult evening school

Become rational to want, have morality, literate, defend the laborer To Become Working People With Lofty Ideals of discipline, moral Integrity, education And A Sense Of Discipline

Primary education Elementary Education

Junior Middle School of junior high school

Cease / School Dropout/leaver of adolescent of unable to go to school

The university shops course of study gives birth to Undergraduate

To Combine Ability With Character; Equal Stress On Integrity And Ability of have both ability and moral integrity

Lower Grade Pupil/student; Pupil/student In Junior Grades of low grade student
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