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Chinese-English oral interpretation classifies a vocabulary (08)- - economic fin
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Stagnant Slump (decline Recession)

2 board market The Second Board Market
China does poineering work board China Growth Enterprise Market
Appear on the market first IPOs (initial Public Offering)
Market capitalization Market Capitalization
Institutional Shares of legal person share
In-house (blame appear on the market raise capital by floating shares) Private Company Shares
Bovine city Bull Market

Legal hazard Legal Risk

The risk manages Risk Management
Hold to strict loan level Maintain Strong Underwriting Standards
Risks In 6 Key Areas (U.S of 6 gale danger. Federal Reserve Criterion)
Credit risk Credit Risk

Supply school Supply-side Economist
The first industry (agriculture) Agriculture (primary Industry)
Secondary industry (industry) Manufacturing Industry (secondary Industry)
Tertiary industy (service line of business) Service Industry (tertiary Industry)
Major Economic Indicators of main economic norms
GDP Gross Domestic Product of gross domestic product (commodity and summation of service currency value, do not include abroad income expenses)
GNP Gross National Product of Gross National Product (commodity and summation of service currency value, include abroad income expenses)
GDP Per Capita of gross domestic product of average per capita

Macroscopical economy Macro Economy

Coadjutant fund Mutual Fund
Expand inside need Expand Domestic Demand
Improve dweller psychology to anticipate Inspire The General Public's Confidence In The Future Needs
Encourage increase spot to consume Encourage More Immediate Consumption
Long-term Treasury Bonds of long-term national debt
Pay national debt accrual To Service Treasury Bonds
Finance deficit and debt Deficits And The National Debt
Press Calculate On The Base Line of former caliber computation
Press Calculate At Constant Price of fixed price computation
Press Calculate At Comparable Price of fixed price computation
Include finance budget defray Listed In The Fiscal Budget
Written guarantee carry out collects system The System Of Exchange, settlement And Sales
Often Favorable Balance Of Current Account of project favourable balance, surplus Of Current Account
Engage In Renminbi (RMB) Business of open RMB business
Export drawback system The System Of Refunding Taxes On Exported Goods
Deposit Account System For Processing Trade of system of bail platform credit
Instalment Pay By Installment
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