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Chinese-English oral interpretation classifies a vocabulary (06)- - mechanism or
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One, orgnaization of affiliated to a ministry belongs to translated term (it is with chemical industry exemple)

Ministry Of Chemical Industry of chemical industry ministry

General office General Office

Plan department Planning Department

Foreign Affairs Department of external affairs department

Personnel Department of human affairs department

New Chemical Material Department of bureau of chemical new material

Chemical department Chemical Department

Balata department Rubber Department

Refine changes department Department Of Refining And Chemicals

Mine department Chemical Mines Bureau

Chemical Planning Institute of chemical program courtyard

Equipment General Corporation of facility head office

Capital Construction Department of capital construction bureau

Teach department Education Department

Chemical Fertilizer Department of chemical fertilizer department

Department Of Supply And Sales of bureau of supply and marketing

2, city belongs to mechanical translated term (it is with Beijing exemple)

Standing Committee Of Beijing Municipal People's Congress of standing committee of Beijing National People's Congress

Beijing Municipal Committee Of The CPC of committee of Chinese Communist Beijing

Beijing Municipal Committee Of The CPPCC of committee of Beijing of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Beijing Municipal People's Government of Beijing people government

High People's Court of senior people court

People procuratorate People's Procuratorate

Foreign Affairs Office of external affairs office

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of office of affairs concerning nationals living abroad

Office Of Finance And Trade of office of finance and trade

Office Of Culture And Education of office of culture and education

Planning Committee Planning Committee

Economic Commission Economic Committee

Committee Of Municipal And Rural Construction of committee of urban and rural construction

Committee Of Science And Technology of committee of science and technology

Zoning commission Committee Of Municipal Design

External Committee Of Economic Trade For Foreign Countries of classics trade commission

Municipal Administration Committee of municipal management committee

Ethical committee Nationalities Committee

Sports commission Physical Culture And Sports Committee

Family Planning Committee of family planning committee

Personnel Bureau of human affairs bureau

Bureau Of Scientific And Technical Personnel of management board of cadre of science and technology

Bureau Of Retired Veteran Cadres of veteran cadre bureau

Statistical bureau Statistical Bureau

Prices bureau Bureau Of Commodity Price
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