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Chinese-English oral interpretation classifies a vocabulary (07)- - WTO vocabula
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(allowance agreement) can appeal to allowance Actionable Subsidy

(Textile and dress, produce) unifinication process Integration Process

(service trade) Consumption Abroad is consumed outside the condition

(service trade) cross condition consign Cross Border Supply

(service trade) commercial presence Commercial Presence

(Service trade) natural person Natural Person

(Service trade) Presence Of Natural Person of natural person flow

(Settle dispute) be appealed to square Defendant

(settle dispute) findings Findings

(Settle dispute) a:appellant Appeal

(Settle dispute) appeal square Complaint

(Of the interest) Nullification And Impairment of funeral estrangement derogation

(Produce) home supports Domestic Support

(produce) comprehensive support measures AMS (Aggregate Measurement Of Support)

(produce home supports) Amber Box Measures of yellow box measure

(produce home supports) BOP(Balance-of-payments) Provisions of blue box measure

(produce home supports) Green Box Measures of green box measure

(Agriculture) versatility Multifunctionality

(European Union) Common Agriculture Policy of collective agriculture policy

(Conflict is solved) expert group Panel

(intellectual property) geographical label Geographical Indications

" Parisian convention " (the convention about safe industries intellectual property) Paris Convention

" Basel convention " (the multilateral environment deal that concerns dangerous litter) Basel Convention

" agreement of North America free trade " NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

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