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Chinese-English oral interpretation classifies a vocabulary (05)- - environmenta
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Agenda 21 of 21 centuries agenda (The International Plan Of Action Adopted By Governments In1992 In Rio De Janeiro Brazil (make an appointment with in Brazil) , , Provides The Global Consensus On The Road Map Towards Sustainable Development)
World Environment Day (June 5 of World Environment DayTh Each Year)
World Environment Day Themes of theme of World Environment Day
Environmental chiliad, the action rises! (2000) The Environment Millennium - Time To Act!
Save the earth to save future namely! (1999) Our Earth - Our Future - Just Save It!
For tellurian life, the ocean that saves us! (1998) For Life On Earth - Save Our Seas!
For tellurian life (1997) For Life On Earth
Our earth, living ground, home (1996) Our Earth, our Habitat, our Home
International biology diversity day International Biodiversity Day (29 December)
World Water Day (22 March of world water day)
World Meteorological Day(23 March of world scene day)
World Oceans Day (8 June of world marine day)
U.N. environment and development congress (annulus sends congress) United Nations Conference On Environment And Development (UNCED)
Annulus sends Summit Session Of UNCED of congress head conference
United Nations Environment Programs of U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP)
Global environment looked into report GEO-2000; Global Environmental Outlook 2000 2000
Selected " the whole world 500 beautiful award " Be Elected To The Rank Of Global 500 Roll Of Honor
UN Center For Human Settlements (UNCHS of U.N. mankind living center)
Improve human living environment Best Practices In Human Settlements Improvement of optimal example award
Person and biosphere plan Man And Biosphere (MAB) Programme (UNESCO)
21 century agenda China of Chinese ' S Agenda 21
Chinese biology diversity protects the action to plan China Biological Diversity Protection Action Plan
China crosses China Trans-Century Green Project Plan of program of century green project
State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA of total bureau of national environmental protection)
Chinese environmental protection is basic guiding principle China ' S Guiding Principles For Environmental Protection
Hold to environmental protection Adhere To The Basic State Policy Of Environmental Protection of basic national policy
Carry out can develop strategic Pursue The Strategy Of Sustainable Development continuously
Carry out economic construction, urban and rural construction, environment to build synchronous program, synchronism to carry out, synchronous development (3 synchronism) guiding principle Carry Out A Strategy Of Synchronized Planning, implementation And Development In Terms Of Economic And Urban And Rural Development And Environmental Protection (the " Three Synchronizes " Principle)
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