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Chinese-English oral interpretation classifies a vocabulary (04)- - political go
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By protection valence opens wide the policy A Policy Of Purchasing Grain Without Limitations At Protective Prices that buys grain

Rise processing thing and processing person union Integrate The Handling Of Cases With The Handling Of Violators

Use limited fund in " on edge " Use Our Limited Funds Where They Can Be Put To Best Use

Maintain economy to grow Maintain An Appropriate Rapid Economic Growth quickly moderately

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission of the meeting that keep watch

The Guarantee China of long period of order and stability that assures a nation ' S Long-term Stability

Make sure the society is communal need Guarantee Social Needs

Make sure these projects build Ensure That These Projects Are Completed According To Schedule And Yield Economic Returns of subsequent wave benefit as scheduled

Avoid to be formed force The Uncompleted Projects Cannot Drag On And On And Require Excessive Investment of mechanism, cannot help doing sth.

Illegimate, unreasonable fund and collect fees project Illegal And Unjustifiable Funds And Charges

Won't bring about monetary excessive to issue Without Causing Overissue Of Currency

Do not enter retreat No Progress Simply Means Regression

Bad loan Non- Performing Loans

Cannot do deficit budget Cannot Leave A Deficit In Their Budgets

Be in business no longer No Longer Engage In Trade

Finance repays ability Our Ability To Service Debt

Financial bears ability Financial Capacity

Finance supervises byelaw The Regulations On Financial Supervision

Finance day will be more sad We Will Be In Financial Straits.

Finance income occupies the specific gravity The Ratio Of Revenue To GDP of gross domestic product

The principle A Principle Of Maintaining A Basic Balance Between Revenue And Expenditures that finance income and expenses balances basically

The supervisory Supervision Over The Whole Process Of Fund Allocation From Application of each link such as finance capital application, project approving, appropriate, use effect, project Determination And Actual Allocation To Returns On Investment

The compensation that tear open change expends Compensation For Demolition
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