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Chinese-English oral interpretation classifies a vocabulary (01)- - the society
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211 projects 211 Project

How to reside project Housing Project For Low-income Families

How to reside village A Neighborhood For Low-income Families

To Guarantee Women of right of safeguard woman obtain employment ' S Right To Employment

Reissue default plan as a whole from retiree the annuities All Back Pension Entitlements Have Been Paid For The Retired Covered By The Overall Government Plan inside the project.

The ruling is sure to compensate for Adjudication Of Benefits

Guarantee Of Subsistence Allowances For Urban Residents of safeguard of life of town dweller lowest carries out the social insurance Social Welfare Insurance that attachs most importance to a dot with provide for the aged, unemployed, medical treatment compulsively in town, particularly Old-age, unemployment And Medical Insurance, must Be Made Mandatory In Urban Areas.

The Social Security System In Urban Areas of system of town social security

Town worker is basic The Basic Medical Insurance System For Urban Employees of system of medical treatment insurance

Innovation spirit Be Innovation-minded; To Have A Creative Mind

Stimulative student heart, wisdom, Ensure That Students Improve In Terms Of Their Moral of body, beautiful full-scale development, intellectual And Fitness Level As Well As In Their Appreciation Of Aesthetics

Big family Extended Family

Individual of big thrust travel is aided learn credit Personal Loans To Finance Education Should Be Vigorously Promoted.

Associate Degree (conferred To Junior College Students of diploma of three-year institution of higher learning)

Era earths up Training-on-contract Program

Dai Peisheng Trainee On Contract

Take firewood billabong Assign Redundant Civil Servants To Other Jobs While Allowing Them To Retain Their Original Rank And Benefits

Be out of job personnel Job Seekers

The working A Well-paid Job with favorable treatment

Sheet kisses domestic Single Parent Family

Directional groom Training For Specific Posts

Singleton female The Only Child

Evaluate Security Programs Should Undergo Actuarial Review to ensuring plan to undertake essence of life calculates.

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