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Interpret Hot Topic: Talent Pool
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The global financial crisis, bankruptcy, layoffs are pouring in, the market in the doldrums of the scene. But some experts said it was the human resource base for the upgrade and expansion, but a golden opportunity. In particular, the current shortage of senior talent pool of professional Chinese enterprises should seize the current opportunity, to introduce high-end professionals. See the report: In the next six months, when Chinese companies enter overseas markets, they will see a veritable talent pool of directors, managers and even CEOs from western companies to choose from due to the recession. In the next six months, if the Chinese companies to enter overseas markets, it will have a large number of Western companies from supervisors, managers and even chief executive talent for their choice of high-level talent pool of this size is formed under the influence of the economic crisis The above reports, talent pool is the "talent pool, pool of human resources, talent pool" means. We all know that talent is often used to refer to a person's "talent, talent," and so on, such as musical talent (music only), talent show (talent show), etc.; talent is used here to refer to the "talent, talented people," The "tap talent of people" called talent scout or talent hunter, now we usually say, "search" means similar. Pool common meaning "pool", where it refers specifically to an organization of resources that can be shared or used, namely "resources" of Italy, a similar usage has oil pool (reservoir), and we had said Another use of car pool
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