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16 Top Simultaneous Translation
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Yesterday, reporters learned that commitments Shanghai World Expo, "Information and Urban Development" forum is the simultaneous tasks of Ningbo National Hi-tech District, a study abroad to start businesses, then, the company will send the country's top 16 French and English simultaneous interpretation interpreter services for the forum, which is the translation of the history of Ningbo, is the largest one. Ningbo Hi-tech Zone, according to Pepsi German Information Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Yi German translation), general manager Chen Yueming introduced Pepsi German companies and from Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, together with the other five companies bid for simultaneous interpretation in the work of the forum, the last After the 11 judges of the bidding companies Qualification, the interpreter context, the participants experience, price and other factors to rate and comprehensive evaluation, his company won the competition.