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Sun Yat-sen Institute of Translation brilliant idea in 2010 Policy Interpretat
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[Moderator]: Honourable friends, Hello everybody! Here is the China Education Network and jointly organized by China Education Online College Admissions Officers 2010 interview with the national series of events, we show the major colleges and universities will be invited to the Admissions Officer, and senior experts in the education sessions for your Q & Solutions confusion, if you want to join us, you can send questions to the text to our live broadcast platform up, our website is http://gaokao.eol.cn. Welcome your participation! Today, the guests sitting next to me is the translation of Sun Yat-sen Institute of deputy party secretary Chen interested Chen Shuji, Hello! [Chen Shuji]: Hello! Netizens good! [Moderator]: Hello, Would you please tell us about the basic situation of Sun Yat-sen University and the translation of recruitment project. [Chen Shuji]: I am very happy to live, to do things with you basic information about our school and the basic conditions of admission to do a project shared. University students aspiring candidates should have an understanding of Sun Yat-sen. Sun Yat-sen founded in 1924 by Sun Yat-sen founded the first hand in 1926, to commemorate Sun Yat-sen, from the "Guangdong University" was renamed to "Sun Yat-sen." All along, the Sun Yat-sen was once a very brilliant, probably before 2054, there have been more than 90 a professor in the country is very far-reaching effects, five years later, after the adjustment of institutions, Journal of sub- out a large part of the function, a majority of the professional to be adjusted out, including the current South China University of Technology, South China Normal University, South China Agricultural University, had previously been one inside the Sun Yat-sen University, Zhongshan University in Guangdong Economy development has made good contributions. Nearly a decade, Sun Yat-sen encountered a very good opportunity for development, on the one hand have invested heavily in the government, on the other hand was the tireless staff at the Sun Yat-sen hard work, and coupled with the strong support of Guangdong Province, over the years, Sun Yat-sen is in a constant rise. Current ranking according to the so-called, would be able to enter the more stable the top ten, and sometimes also routed eighth. This is the basic situation of our school. Our college is dedicated as a Foreign Language Institute class, first of all to do with you a brief introduction, Sun Yat-sen in 2005 to meet the enrollment requirements, while also Zhongshan University in Guangdong Province put forward a new request that for Guangdong Zhongshan University the economy, Guangdong make a greater contribution to personnel training, so in this context to set up the Institute of Translation. Sun Yat-sen Sun Yat-sen Institute of Translation and Foreign Language Institute is part of the same party, so I belong to Sun Yat-sen, deputy secretary of the Party School of Foreign Languages, but I am in charge of Sun Yat-sen University School translation work. We have a strong translation College faculty, by 2010 we have more than 2,100 undergraduate students and dozens of graduate students, I think the university should have a sense of responsibility to serve the community. We also use our professional background to do some preparatory study projects. We currently have four projects matriculation students, the first is we have three students for undergraduate matriculation program, the second is for graduate students that we have a graduate student studying the Diploma Programme. Pre-project study in which undergraduates called "IFC" project, aimed to the United Kingdom, United States (and so will I have to study in detail the project preparatory), we have one study in the University of New South Wales Foundation projects, but also other One is the "online education + students matriculation" of the project, we also called the 2 +2 program. Overall, these projects have a better advantage, I think there are four major advantages, first I think it is to achieve a powerful combination, because this project is jointly organized by Sun Yat-sen and the China Scholarship Council, and we work closely with CSC signed a cooperation agreement, Sun Yat-sen University is a very good translation of training personnel where there is a very good professional services sector to study abroad; second big advantage of these courses are within Sun Yat-sen class, the students live in campus, then we study in the preparatory period of time, the basic will be able to experience this prestigious Sun Yat-sen's style of study, school spirit. Sun Yat-sen test is to achieve very high scores to come in, but it does not matter, reading the same matriculation students can experience such a good style of study Zhongshan University; The third advantage I think it is able to experience the more powerful teachers Zhongshan, Zhongshan University College of Translation (and so will I will detail) Up to now there are 20 several foreign teachers, teachers are very strong, most of the teachers are returning from abroad; fourth advantage is that we have a very professional study services, we will send a professional consultant to study one to one for every student to study a very professional service. Just a brief introduction about Sun Yat-sen Institute of Translation was established in 2005, which is standing on the shoulders of giants, from the Foreign Languages Institute developed from the basis, so when we start to recruit more than 500 students. The first batch of students in our school community has embarked on, and it is good. From our hardware, we are Sun Yat-sen Institute of Translation in this four-year life of Zhongshan University Zhuhai Campus school, do not know the users here have not been to Zhuhai, Zhongshan University campus, we can say without shame We, Zhongshan University Zhuhai Campus is picturesque, it is surrounded by mountains, sea side, is located in Zhuhai City Tangjiawan very beautiful, it is the first Prime Minister of the Republic of China Tang Shaoyi hometown. When we scale the Zhuhai campus designed to accommodate 20,000 students expected to live, the current reading is more than ten thousand students, education is a very good hardware, including we have a teaching building 571 meters long, our library is also very beautiful, It's shaped like an open book between the middle of a road, meaning the "mountain road to the book as a path," the end of school last year, 300 million allocated to the new hospital laboratory, has been basically completed, and simultaneous interpretation Room, Union transfer room, machine translation, but also at room currently under construction, recording and broadcasting, recording and broadcasting room is for the future remote class, the teacher lectures abroad, our room in the domestic recording and broadcasting can be achieved with the teacher's interaction lectures. Our faculty is very strong, the current in-service teachers are more than 50 domestic and 25 foreign full-time teachers, of which twenty or so from the United States and a dozen part-time professors, and we would ask the famous home and abroad Professor to give our undergraduate school entrance examination, matriculation students studying lectures. [Moderator]: Sun Yat-sen University accommodation Translation how? [Chen Shuji]: We host more professional, more concerned about all aspects of student life may be many of our friends will be very concerned about our accommodation, I had to work at Sun Yat-sen's headquarters, and later because of work needs to be adjusted to Zhuhai campus to work, I personally feel, but for family reasons, I personally like to work in Zhuhai Campus, Zhuhai campus willing to live in, because we really picturesque campus in Zhuhai, with mountains and water. The campus has three large lakes, our accommodations are best in the country should also be regarded as one of the institutions live on campus environment, the environment is very new, very new hostel facilities, the dormitory is one of four, which equipped with solar water heaters, drinking fountains, washing machines, networks, desks, facilities are relatively complete. [Moderator]: Could you tell you about the translation of Sun Yat-sen University graduate students to study abroad over the years the situation? [Chen Shuji]: Our institute established in 2005, this project is exactly started in 2008, we started late, but we also have our own strengths, because we started late, some of our vision plans are very thoughtful and very complete, we are standing on the shoulders of giants up design our projects, we put a very good teacher to give lectures, we also have a very professional consultants for our students one on one counseling. We are very pleased to see our first graduates of foreign universities to get all the notice, some of our students to apply to the school is still very good, such as the UK's University of Leicester, Loughborough University, Canada, Manny University of Manitoba, Australia, Monash University, University of Kansas and the United States, where some students to apply to the 5-6 offer, that these university students will have options available to them 5-6, we can responsibly say that , Zhongshan University students enrolled in preparatory classes to study, our responsibility for their future. [Moderator]: Sun Yat-sen Institute of Translation how tuition fees? [Chen Shuji]: for school fees, let me first say that I think that tuition fees can not be under the domestic general college tuition with the comparison. We have cooperation with foreign institutions to establish a long-term cooperative relations, the situation of foreign matriculation are more understanding, in general, in the United States, Australia, Britain and other countries read year matriculation, tuition fees plus living expenses for not less than 20 million. Sun Yat-sen University in the translation of the cost of the various preparatory project like this, Pre-Masters tuition is 5.4 million / year, accommodation 1,500 yuan / year, cost of living about 500 yuan / month, course materials is another, these costs add up to remove the fee down about 1.5 million a year; International Undergraduate Foundation projects that IFC project, the cost of the project is 66,000 / year (including tuition, fees and accreditation of overseas courses overseas service charge); third project is the project of New South Wales, Australia, this project The school system is a year and a half, the cost is 7.8 million (including tuition fees, overseas study and certification services.); the last item "2 +2" or "Pre + online education abroad," the cost of the project is still relatively cheap, matriculation study fees is 2.5 million / year, online education tuition fees for two years totaling about 1.5 million, two-down, pre-surgical intensive study in the cost of online education only 6.5 million, will be able to study in the prestigious Sun Yat-sen and experience life. These four projects are the same standards of accommodation and living expenses, and accommodation is 1,500 yuan / year, quadruple the standard Dormitory; cost of living is 500 yuan / month. [Host]: So in the country for students to go abroad to learn another language is more appropriate but also more cost effective? [Chen Shuji]: Yes. Foundation course of our study can be said that the introduction of foreign authentic mode of education, including teaching materials we use are the original introduction of foreign materials [Moderator]: Because of the time, our program come to an end, the program finally, what can you have with the majority of users say? [Chen Shuji]: Remember the movie "A World Without Thieves" in a role played by the actor Ge You say the words, "the 21st century is the greatest shortages of talent." Furthermore, the international community is now very scarce talent. Sun Yat-sen Foundation for the study is concerned, my goal is to develop the "international talent", so we very much welcome aspiring to be international, interested in going abroad to learn foreign advanced technology and management experience in the application of our project students, I I believe we will achieve your dream of studying abroad wings. If users want to learn more about our study abroad programs, please visit our website www.sysu-edu.org, or Baidu search can be found, if in doubt to call Tel 020-61138869 0756--3668356 (Zhuhai Campus), We also welcome the interest of people to visit our campus in Zhuhai, I am sure you will love here.