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Teacher guidance Directions Translation of Word Meaning
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Meaning of a word and the meaning of the word is most commonly used translation Kaoyan translation skills. In Kaoyan translation, which the phenomenon is everywhere. In 1994, 72) questions a leader of the new school contends in, school is "school" means, not "school" means; In 1996, 74) title in the elegant system, elegant is "perfect, perfect" means, not "elegant" means; In 2001, 75) Question And home appliances will become so smart that ... in, smart is "smart" means, not "smart" means; In 2003, 75) questions like the concept of set in mathematics in, set the "set, a collection of" instead of "set, place", etc .......。 First, the meaning of a word Such as: I'll see her home tonight. Tonight I took her home. India is the home of elephants. India is the elephant habitat. He's at home with the classics. He is proficient in classical literature New homes are for sale. New homes for sale. She's at home where she is. Where she is free. Maternity home costs in America have gone up sharply. U.S. maternity hospital fees and charges have to rise sharply. Much is produced here for home market. Here for the home market of many products. He looks on London as his home. He put London as his home. Thus, the phenomenon of polysemy in English is widespread. In translation, the meaning of a word from the following aspects. (A) According to the parts of speech determine the meaning Such as: forecast a "prediction, forecast" means, when used as a verb and as a noun meaning the same; increase as a verb, it means "increase, grow, increase" means, used as a noun which is mainly expressed Some meaning. If: book the word, making a noun, meaning "books, books"; used as a verb is often said that "booking, reservation" means. Another example: while for the conjunction, there is "the time when ..., and, although the" other means Thinking; as a noun, it refers to "a moment"; as a verb, and "kill" means. In such cases, if you do not find out part of speech, often meaning it will be wrong, thereby affecting the proper understanding and the original Accurate translation. Therefore, in translation, we can identify key words grammar part of speech relationship in order to accurately determine the meaning. Such as: light: This light is too poor to read by. This light is too dark can not read. (Noun) Aluminum is a light metal. Aluminum is a light metal. (Adj) Will you light the fire for me? You lit for me please? (Verb) round: The Earth is not completely round. Earth is not completely round. (Adj) Let's go into the hall and have a look round. Let us take a turn into the hall. (Adverb) They are dancing in a round They form a circle dance (noun) He worked round the day. He worked all day. (Preposition) The boy's eyes rounded with excitement. Boys are dancing in a round. (Verb) (B) determine the meaning from the context We move to the verb, for example, if the context is different, move obviously is not the same meaning, the context must be based on accurate and fluent translation can be done. That car was really moving. Moved ahead. Share prices moved ahead today. Stock prices rose today. The story of their sufferings moved us deeply. Their sufferings moved us deeply. Work on the new building is moving quickly. The new building is moving quickly. The government's opinions on this matter haven't moved. Government views on the matter has not changed. I move that we support the introduction of this new technological process. I propose that we support the adoption of this new technology methods. She moves in the highest circles of society. She lives in high social circles. Unless the employers move quickly, there will be strike. If employers take measures as soon as possible, should lead to a strike. (C) determined in accordance with Chinese customary meaning Such as: a deep well is deep; a deep voice deep voice; a deep red bright red; deep in study concentrate on their studies; a deep mystery incomprehensible mystery; a deep thinker knowledge Profound thinker; deep outrage intense anger. Another example is the verb work in the translation if the context is different with Chinese habits are not the same, the translation should be chosen to express a different meaning. I think your suggestion will work. I think your suggestion will work. The new treatment works like magic. The new treatment magic. My watch doesn't work. My watch does not work. The sea works high. Sea works. She worked her way to the front. She worked her way ahead. The root of the pine tree worked down between the stones. Pine tree roots in the crevice between the bar down. The new regulation is working well The new regulations very well.