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Museum of the Chinese translation of the Italian Alessandro I did the best job
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Born and raised in Rome, Italy Alessandro guy did not think that he enjoyed the most sumptuous Italian scientific and technological, cultural feast, will be in Shanghai, China. Learning Chinese 12 years, Alessandro for the first time realized that he was fluent in Chinese to give so many unforgettable memories. Gave him all the sweeter, and it is Shanghai World Expo. Early April of this year, Alessandro Expo candidates to become the Chinese translation of the Italian Pavilion, in his words, which he did the best job. World Expo 2015 as the host of Milan, the Italian Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo will be showing a great enthusiasm, on behalf of Italy's most renowned art, science, culture results show endless variety of topics, almost every few days will have a press conference. Although the two languages have very much at home, but in order to successfully complete the task, before each opening press conference, Alessandro always conscientiously doing their homework, find may be involved in the professional vocabulary. To the enthusiasm of journalists from the restless Alessandro had a nickname, "Monkey," he gladly accepted. Alessandro frankly, every translator that he will be getting more and more excited, it is inevitable dancing together. The splendid culture of his hometown, Alessandro pride, spare no effort to introduce to the crowd. Time, the Italian Pavilion held a science fair, showing Italy through the ages to create a number of world first. When reporters questioned Bell phone seems to be an American invention, Alessandro than the truth, go to the Office of Internet search, flapping in the wind you print out the stack of information to prove their right. Ferragamo shoe from the workshop, handed down to the Bulgari jewelry, from maneuvering the Ferrari to the buzzing of the opera, Alessandro sigh, even in Italy, few can top these Italian treasures "Clean Sweep" and the Shanghai World Expo did.