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I was his fans
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Familiar with my friends all know I graduated from the 50's last century, Shanghai International Studies University, who is every inch a Russian translation. 20 years ago, I wrote a small article on the former Soviet Union, the song "Evening in the Suburbs of Moscow" Chinese translation of the word honest discussion made comments published in a journal, which actually did not expect the songs on the translation of contact with persons, well-known musicologist and translator Mr. Xue Fan. Mr. Xue has been missed, but I phase meeting. The morning of August 19 this year, suddenly received Xue Fan telephone, said he is in Beijing, and asked if I could go to him the afternoon, he invited me to dinner at night. I happened to have arranged for two days, then 21, agreed to stay in his hotel the afternoon meeting. We hit it off. It is strange that we first met each other as brothers can feel very warm, like heart to heart, Xixixiangtong. Not a polite greeting, and it would talk to each other and even the "heart to heart" together. My face does not seem a big famous, but a long-missing brother, a friend of deep affection. Shanghai, with a clear voice of his constituents in Mandarin, his memories of homely style and narrative, I feel an upsurge of it hard, endless emotion, emotion, ceased ... ... He suffered from polio because of the age of two paraplegic. After carrying on his family, after school, with honors go to college, but to go to college when they reported being turned away due to disability. He insisted on self-study foreign language, published in 1953, the first translation of the first song in 1957 with his translation of the famous Soviet song "Evening in the Suburbs of Moscow" made him famous. So far he has translated, has published more than 100 countries, more than 2,000 first foreign songs, of which nearly the first Russian music, song collection published dozens of translations. This time he came by the Shanghai and Beijing, was invited to attend his editor, translation, published by China Radio International's "Selected Songs of Ukraine" ceremony. I asked him: you have such a deep art of music accomplishments, why do not they create some of the songs? He said he did studied composition, but also writing, published own songs, but in vain, then gave up. He says that people should be good and avoid weaknesses, understand the music theory of knowledge and creativity, does not mean that will be able to create good songs. He said he has self-knowledge, his lack of songwriting talent ... ... June 20, 2007, Xue Fan should Russia Friendship Association and the Cultural Exchange Center in Moscow Russia's invitation, flew to the Russian visit. This is Russia's "Year of China" one of the activities of civil exchanges. Russian-Chinese Friendship Association Vice 嘉库利科娃 At the welcome reception, said: "Xue Fan as Russia and China have made great contributions to cultural exchanges, Russian popular music with his excellent translation in China, gained new life, He is the hero, is China's Ostrovsky. "Soviet Composers and Music Association Music Review Committee 席弗拉吉米尔 Xue Fan Chuck commented:" The translation from your outstanding work, Qu and (Chinese) words blend together, with a special charm. You for the lyrics have a great aesthetic sense, grasp the singing of the word, which translated words of the order of your music. ... ... It is you, in China earth to give life to these songs. "November 30, 1995, the Russian Federal Government to grant Xue Fan" certificate "in recognition of his" promotion and dissemination in China's great contribution to Russian music. " November 10, 1997, the Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin "Given the language of scientists Xue Fan Russia Russia-China friendship and cultural exchanges made remarkable achievements" of the machine by the visit the Russian Embassy in Beijing, a symbol of the highest person to the State honor of the "Friendship Medal" awarded Xue Fan; 5 October 1999 and 6 May, Chinese and Russian governments were granted Xue Fan of "Sino-Russian Friendship Medal", "Russian-Chinese Friendship Medal" and certificate of honor ... ... Xue Fan slightly longer than me, 75 years old this year, but the Manner excellent, looks much younger than me, like only 60 years old. He is very calm tone, he outlined to me the unremitting efforts, and the fate of the strong protest and his legendary rough life, I am extremely admiration. At first he assistant, Shanghai Translation Association Mr. Shao Zhengru help, take me to the nearby "Kievan Rus restaurant" dining, where it is held on 19, "Selected Works of Ukrainian songs" live premiere, Russia, Ukraine famous men and women singing home we were singing for the guests of the former Soviet Union, familiar songs such as "Song of the Communist Youth League," "Katyusha," "raspberry flowers to open", "Evening in the Suburbs of Moscow", "path", "Volga Boat Song", etc. and so on; I have seen many Russian fans bring together deep feeling expressed heartfelt admiration for Xue Fan feelings, they long line, holding Xue Fan translation, kindly invited to autograph his book; a lot of very devout young fans said to him: "Thank you, ah, I grew up singing your songs ... ..." Xue Fan returned to Shanghai, I e-mail to him: "You really are my role models who should be ashamed of themselves. You are a great hero, you are a great Chinese people!" Wrote back very humorous Xue Fan : "'One of the great Chinese people' - if out of those 'fans' of the mouth, the idea is not surprising. but you are a writer and commentator, so to speak, to deliberately scared me?" I said to him in reply: I'm 73 years old. Live to this age, no longer do not speak against one any more. I say you are "the great Chinese people", is from the heart. I do not easily "holding" people. Of your life (of course you still have a long future years) live in both the flat Fanfan, Pu Pu Susu, and vigorous, means a temperamental predominance. Far from all the people that like you, God will add to your frustrations and suffering but his relentless pursuit of incentives as the value of life "power." Practically speaking, as life, life, you lose a lot, lost the most worth having, the most precious thing, this is your great misfortune, however, your fate will not yield, you struggle and struggle, so that you get a great, irreplaceable remedy. ... ... You may not have a luxurious mansion and large amounts of deposits, but no doubt that you respect the spirit of a people rich! Yes, I am Xue Fan "fans", Xue Fan a high degree of disability of the body, to overcome unimaginable difficulties, indomitable, sustained over half a century of arduous struggle, has made a career of heroic glory performance, but he has no formal workplace, labor does not enjoy any benefits. Has a legend of such a "hero," a person contributed to the country, the iron laws of nature has pushed him into the Wan Jing, society should give special help to him, take care. This is my "old translation of" cultural workers and the general strong appeal and sincere request.